Furno bets that super-efficient, modular kilns will turn the cement industry upside down

The cement startup promises to slash carbon emissions in the process, helping the company raise a $6.5 million seed round.

Dutch startup Monumental is using robots to lay bricks

Few categories are as ripe for automation-fueled disruption as construction. The industry is valued at around $2 trillion a year, in the U.S. alone. Much of that work is strenuous, repetitive and some

Bulk Exchange raises $4.5M to help construction companies source bulk materials

That fact that the startup raised from industry folks is not a massive shock once you understand the market that Bulk Exchange is tackling: They likely want to use what it's building.

NASA’s robotic, self-assembling structures could be the next phase of space construction

Bad news if you want to move to the moon or Mars: housing is a little hard to come by. Fortunately, NASA (as always) is thinking ahead, and has just shown off a self-assembling robotic structure that

Gravel gets funding from NEA to support Indonesia’s booming construction industry

Indonesia’s construction industry is growing quickly, driven by residential and industrial building, alongside infrastructure development plans by the government. Sourcing skilled labor is still a t

Construction marketplace Construex takes in first capital to expand in Latin America

Co-founders Roberto Arroyo and his brother, Nicolas Arroyo, bootstrapped the company for almost four years and reached profitability while expanding into Chile, Guatemala and Argentina.

GreenLite streamlines ‘nightmare’ of construction permitting for businesses

Getting the required permits for construction can take an excruciatingly long time in many cities — whether it’s for a residential or commercial project. One new proptech startup is out to mak

Construction sites feel emptier, but is bleeding-edge tech the solution?

The labor shortage in construction isn’t a problem that’s unique to the U.S.; it's very much a global issue.

Mighty Buildings raises $52M to build 3D-printed prefab homes

Mighty Buildings, a startup building tech for prefabricated, ostensibly environmentally-friendly homes, today announced that it raised $52 million in a funding round co-led by Waed Ventures and Bold C

4 founders give us their take on what’s ahead for construction tech

Founders chatted with us about construction tech trends so we could get a basic idea of where the industry is headed.

Accel-backed Agave lets construction software talk to one another

A lot of the most popular construction software was developed 20 to 40 years ago and many systems don’t talk to each other. As a result, the information stored in them is fragmented, adding extra wo

Qflow raises $9.1M to track construction receipts, making it easier to de-carbonize

In the same way that we now take pictures of receipts to expense that “important lunch,” construction tech startup Qflow allows the teams running construction sites to do the same for buil

UpCodes launches Copilot, an AI-based research assistant for building codes

For more than seven years, UpCodes has been making the complicated world of building codes easier to understand for people like industry professionals and homeowners. Its platform includes a searchabl

Construction insurance company Billy raises additional $2.5 million

Billy seeks to digitize and streamline the construction compliance management process.

Renovate is building robots to install roof shingles

Roofing isn’t a glamorous job. In fact, one could reasonably argue that it checks off the classic three Ds of automation — dull, dirty and dangerous — with aplomb. It’s a prime candida

Rebar robotics firm Toggle adds another $3M to its fundraising tally

There’s no denying that the robotics startup world has taken a hit during the ongoing economic downturn. Recent numbers prove what we’ve all suspected for some time. But two things are true: 1) Th

Digs is a Figma-like collaboration tool for home builders and suppliers

Digs, a Vancouver, Washington-based startup that is developing a collaboration tool for homebuilders and their vendors, is coming out of stealth today and announcing a $7 million seed funding round fr

Built buys fellow construction robotics firm, Roin

One of the most remarkable things about construction robotics is the sheer breadth of tasks that can potentially be automated. As I’ve noted before, the entire category is a prime target for robotic

Construction robotics firm Kewazo raises $10 million

Automating construction makes plain sense on the face of it. It’s one of the world’s biggest industries. It’s also among the most expensive and, often, dangerous. Certainly it checks off the thr

Transforming old cardboard boxes into insulation nets CleanFiber $10 million round

Cellulose insulation is made from recycled newspapers, a dwindling resource. CleanFiber thinks its cardboard process can make up the difference.
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