• Aspiral Clock makes telling time a ball

    Most concept clocks are high on art, and low on functionality. That’s not the case with the Aspiral Clock, designed by Will Aspinall and Neil Lambath. Instead of using the standard hands, this clock uses a small ball to tell the time. Read More

  • Sony shows off the Alpha concept camera menus and screenshots

    We told you about Sony’s new concept cameras that were announced during PMA, and now that things have calmed down a bit, we’re starting to see some details. Specifically, what’s going on with the menu system, and what exactly is going to make these cameras so interesting. Read More

  • Desktop lamp powered by hamster cells

    This seems a bit odd, but here’s another take on alternative power; Dutch designer Joris Laarman came up with a concept for a desktop lamp that glows from bio-luminescent hamster ovaries. Seriously, I’m not making this stuff up. Read More

  • Concept art: the iPhone 4G

    Who doesn’t love a good concept piece? Spaziocellulare forum user “Seraphan” just posted his render of what the iPhone 4G could look like, and his ideas aren’t too shabby. Of course, it’s one man’s idea of what the phone of the future should look like, including an expanded color pallet, built in microSD slot, and front and rear cameras complete with a built… Read More

  • Concept watch tells time with frikkin' lasers

    One look at what this watch does will tell you that it’s just a concept, and will most likely never see the light of day (no pun intended). The Aurora Watch was designed by Jihun Yeom, and features a hollow face that makes it look like you lost part of your wristwatch, until you push a button and two lasers come out of the bezel to show you the time. Read More

  • Combination lock USB drive doomed to stay as a concept

    When I first saw the picture of this USB drive, I immediately thought, “Why am I being assigned to write about a pregnancy test?” Then I actually realized that it’s not a pee test, but rather a really bad idea for a secure USB drive. Read More

  • The Timex Thumbnail Watch: Decidedly not real

    Look at this thing: it’s supposed to be a concept watch by Napoleon Merana, Steffen Schubert and David Takacs for a series called Timex 2154: The Future of Time. First, I doubt we’ll all survive until 2154 and if we do we’ll all be living in skin huts out on the tundra and second what happens if you bit your fingernails. Do you get shocked? Do you have to go to the drug store… Read More

  • Nissan's "Smiling Vehicle" shows emotions (video)

    It seems the car industry doesn’t have any problems left that need to be solved. Or what else can explain Nissan’s shot at designing a car that can “show emotions”? The so-called Smiling Vehicle was jointly developed by the Hara Design Institute Nippon Design Center and the automaker. And yes, the mini vehicle, based on the Nissan Cube, does look friendly. The concept… Read More

  • Clock-sheet lets you tell the time without opening your eyes

    Now, it’s not that I don’t want to tell the time when I wake up in the morning. It’s that I don’t want it spelled out in macaroni where I usually put my head. Read More

  • 100% concept watch coming to market after all

    Check out the latest creation from the specialty design company, 100%. Despite having a name that’s really annoying to blog about, they do have some cool products for sale. What they don’t have for sale (quite yet) is this bracelet that cleverly conceals a digital wristwatch. Not sure exactly how they do it, and power consumption might be an issue, but it certainly is a cool… Read More

  • Lawyer bait: OS Calculators

    Electronics design studio Mintpass is treading a fine line. They’ve come up with a pretty cool concept, bit it’ll probably never make it to market. What have they done that’s so controversial? Created calculators based on the designs in Windows and OS X. Read More

  • Punch Camera prints with a hole-punch

    Somehow I doubt this will ever make it to production, but this hole-punch camera is really a great idea, even if it’s a bit anachronistic. Basically, it rasterizes whatever image you give it, then you can put a piece of paper in, give it a good smack, and it’s “printed” a copy by punching out holes of different sizes. Genius! Read More

  • Video: The iida Polaris is a cool mix between robot and phone

    Japan is the nation of robots. Everybody knows that. It’s also the nation of cell phones. So why not mix robots and cell phones? That’s what the country’s second biggest mobile phone provider KDDI au thought and today presents the iida Polaris, a robotic cell phone [link in English], for the first time (click here for my iida concept photo report from April). Read More

  • Buddy computer concept by guy ceder
    Generally I pass right over concept CE devices. After seeing so many innovative devices never hit production, I lost interest. But this one got my attention.[PSGallery=9woawf1h1u] Read More

  • Spunky Sputnik LED Lamp

    There is something retro-sexual about this Sputnik LED Lamp. It’s just a concept so take your time and stare at it. Chances are that it will never reach production. A couple more pics after the jump. Read More

  • Super-umbrella contracts to avoid inadvertent umbrella-related homicide

    In Seattle, umbrella culture is vibrant — as you might imagine. People have big umbrellas, small umbrellas, black umbrellas, colored umbrellas, clear umbrellas, cane umbrellas, micro-umbrellas, and bumbershoots. You also have umbrella-haters who boycott umbrella use and simply dash from awning to dripping awning. So there’s a lot of umbrella etiquette on a rainy day downtown, and… Read More

  • PathQuest: The handheld GPS (concept) that looks like a compass

    This will never come out, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth looking at. It’s called PathQuest, and it’s a portable GPS device that’s shaped, yes, like a compass. How this isn’t a more popular concept—GPS devices shaped like a compass—I have no idea. Read More

  • "KissPhone" concept – really?

    We’ve seen some strange concepts in our time, but this has to be one of the weirdest and most unlikely. This concept KissPhone is probably going to stay imaginary, since it’s the most ridiculous thing in the galaxy. Capture the movement, warmth, and “sucking force” of a lover’s lips and transmit it in real time to a pair of robo-lips? Yeah, I see a market for that. Read More

  • Kicker Conference Phone aims to make conference calls suck less

    The opening line of the Kicker Conference Phone product page tells you just about all you need to know about the motivation behind this thing: “Conference phones suck.” Amen, brother! I hate sitting around a conference table, speaking either too loud or too soft for the conference phone, straining my ears to hear what’s being said, and wondering when the hell this madness… Read More

  • Video iPhone concept looks, eh, alright

    Another day, another iPhone 3 (iPhone Video?) mockup. Clearly this is completely from some fellow’s imagination, but it’s fun to play make-believe anyway. So, what do we think of today’s? Read More