Dropbox’s Lepton lossless image compression really uses a ‘middle-out’ algorithm

The "middle-out" algorithm that has its roots in the most infamous (and probably funniest) scene in HBO's "Silicon Valley" may have been fictional, but something like it can be found in Lepton, a cool

Opera Opens Pre-Registration For Its Data-Savings Android App

Last December, Opera <a target="_blank" href="">announced</a> Max, a free app that would use Opera

Google Launches Zopfli To Compress Data More Densely And Make Web Pages Load Faster

Google just <a target="_blank" href="">launched</a> <a target="_blank" href="">

Latakoo Moves HD Video Fast, Works Great For Newsrooms

Austin-based video startup <a href="">latakoo</a> has a funny name (it's <a href="">some kind of lark</a>), but a great idea: make it easier

New Startup JPEGmini Reduces Photos’ Size, Not Their Quality

Photographers, take note. A startup called <a href="">JPEGmini</a> is introducing a new photo compression technology for JPEG photos which reduces the overall file size (by up

CrunchDeals: TC electronics Tube-Tech 50% off

<img src="" />The <a href="">Tube-Tech</a> is a neat compressor plug-in f

JPEG XR may offer a fix for DSLR users who need a higher burst rate

I’ve never had a problem with my old Rebel XT’s 3-per-second rapid fire rate. Of course, I’m not a press or sport photographer, and it is kind of annoying that I can only take like 8

CrunchDeals: Free DivX Pro

If you’ve been patiently waiting for the DivX Pro codec and converter but you constantly find yourself without the $19.99 necessary to purchase said tools, now’s your chance to download Di