CodeSee adds generative AI to explore code bases with natural language queries

CodeSee was founded in 2019 with the goal of helping programmers understand the entire code base inside a company. The idea was to provide visual maps, so you could see the connections between service

CodeSee’s latest product helps organizations visualize their code base

As code bases grow ever larger, it becomes increasingly difficult for anyone to understand how the work they are doing fits in with the big picture, where the service dependencies are and how the code

CodeSee pulls in a $7M secondary seed to build out code visualization platform

CodeSee is an aptly named startup, one that is building a set of tools to help developers understand how all the parts of a code base fit together. Today, the company announced a $7 million secondary

CodeSee launches OSS Port open source project to help developers visualize code base

The larger a coding project gets, and the more people become involved, the harder it becomes to get a big picture view of how the entire project fits together, and this is especially true for distribu