• Disney just launched the new mobile-only version of Club Penguin

    Disney just launched the new mobile-only version of Club Penguin

    Club Penguin Island, the mobile-only replacement for the original Club Penguin (which shut down last night) has launched. Started in 2005, Club Penguin was one of the first successful virtual worlds for children and, as they grew up, teens and adults. At its peak the platform had 200M users, and a few months ago was still seeing upwards of 5M visitors to the Club Penguin website each month. Read More

  • Club Penguin is shutting down

    Club Penguin is shutting down

    Club Penguin, the Disney-owned social network for kids, announced this morning it’s shutting down. In its place, the company will launch a new product for mobile, Club Penguin Island, which has been in development over the past several years. Club Penguin Island will launch in March, while the Club Penguin game on the desktop and mobile devices will shut down on March 29, 2017. The… Read More

  • Handipoints Thinks a Virtual World Could Make Kids Do Chores in the Real One

    If your kid’s obsessed with Webkinz and Club Penguin but you can’t get them to do their chores, you may want to take a look at a new entrant into the virtual worlds scene called Handipoints. Founder Viva Chu started Handipoints in January 2007 with the notion that chore charts would be both more fun and more effective if they were moved online. So he created a site with two main… Read More

  • RocketOn Gets $5 M For Embeddable Virtual Kids World

    RocketOn is a San Francisco based startup is making a 2D virtual world you can access across any site through an embeddable widget. They also just raised $5 million from the D. E. Shaw group’s venture capital unit, bringing total investment up to $5.8 million. In its alpha state, this virtual world is simply a chat widget with some avatars you can walk around the screen with the click of… Read More

  • The Future Of Casual Online Gaming?

    We’ve covered a variety of casual gaming sites before on TechCrunch. It’s a hot vertical, particular since the rise of the Nintendo’s Wii console proved that there was a huge willing market for games that don’t need a 4 hour long instruction session from a gaming geek. South Korean company NHN comes with strong credentials. The company is claimed to be the be… Read More

  • Who Wants to Buy a Virtual World?

    If you felt a little green with envy when Disney bought juvenile virtual world Club Penguin for $700 million in cash and earn out, this could be your chance to grab a piece of the virtual pie. WhuddleWorld, Inc., creator of eponymous online hangout for kids WhuddleWorld, was forced to shut down in April after running out of money. The team of five that built WhuddleWorld over the last year and… Read More

  • Virtual World Hangouts: So Many To Choose From

    The avatars roaming many online virtual communities may be cartoonish and their activities inconsequential, but the recent sale of Club Penguin to Disney for $350 million (with $350 million in earn out) demonstrates that the business of casual immersive worlds, or virtual hangouts, is not entirely child’s play. Virtual hangouts are where people can engage each other using imaginary… Read More

  • Extremely Happy Feet: Disney Acquires Club Penguin For Up To $700 million

    Club Penguin, a social network/virtual world that has been on the market for some time, was acquired by The Walt Disney Company and announced today. An earlier deal with Sony fell apart over valuation and Club Penguin’s policy of donating a substantial portion of profits to charity. The company, which launched in October 2005, has 700,000 current paid subscribers and 12 million… Read More

  • Club Penguin In Acquisition Talks With Sony For $500+ million

    It’s been rumored for a while that Montgomery & Co. is representing virtual world Club Penguin in a sale transaction. It looks like the company is locked in talks, possibly exclusive, with Sony, and the price is “at least half a billion” says a source close to the deal. We mentioned Club Penguin last month when a competitor launched from IAC called Zwinktopia. The company… Read More