iHome debuts a Google Assistant-powered clock radio, the iGV1

Amazon’s Echo Spot, introduced late last year, smartly combined the power of Alexa with a more traditional clock radio type form factor and interface, complete with a screen for video viewing an

The new Casio G-Steel B100 is a smartwatch that hides its brains

Casio has been doing some interesting stuff lately. With their latest Edifice model they began toying with the idea of an analog watch that connects to your phone and can set itself to any timezone au

The VR show must go on

Last month, about 300 fans of the electronic artist Ash Koosha gathered together on a Wednesday night to watch the musician perform a set of his critically acclaimed music. While another 31,000 peo

The Nixie Machine II is a mean-looking clock for serious geeks

Nixie (“Numeric Indicator eXperimental No. 1”) tubes were displays used for digital readouts before the advent of the LED. Popular with James Bond villains who wanted to rule the world yet

Glance Clock keeps your life together with subtle yet vibrant notifications

There’s something intriguing about low-fi solutions to high-tech problems and the Glance Clock is no exception. In today’s world, a missed Uber can be the difference between a confidence-i

Glitzy watch manufacturer MB&F announces the Balthazar clockwork robot

Today in Part 23 of our series entitled Goofy Rich-Person Gadgetry, we present the MB&F Balthazar, a posable robot that tells the time and has a “dark side.” First, a little context. T

Today is a clock that reminds you to slow down

Scott Thrift takes the long view on things. The Brooklyn-based artist has been making crazy clocks for most of this decade, starting out with the incredible ThePresent seasons clock and culminating in

Victorinox Announces The INOX Cybertool, A Clip-On Smartwatch

If you need to turn your dumb watch into a smartwatch and don’t mind a parasitic ring of plastic attached to your analog timepiece, then Victorinox and Acer have you covered. The Cybertool offer

The MB&F Arachnophobia Tells Time Through Fear

Everyone’s favorite crazy watch maker, MB&F, has just announced a new model, the so-called Arachnophobia. This wild clock hides a L’Epée 1839 movement in the thorax and abdomen of an

Printed Clock Doesn't Quite Work But Is Amazing Anyway

<img src="">This <a HREF="">wild printable clock</a> doesn't have a working escapement

Fullspot O Clock Watch

<img src="">Here are some nice looking and very inexpensive Italian watches from Fullspot. Certainly designer, certainly fashion-ey, ce

Altaz Internet Clock: Fun For All (Well, Really One)

If you’re the kind of guy who can’t afford a Chumby, Altaz has a deal for you. This $99 device “doubles as a photo frame” and is a clock radio with some basic picture frame fun

DIY Multimeter clock

<img src="">Are you the kind of guy who likes multimeters? Do you like clocks? Well have I got a

Time is Money: a review of the Meeting Cost Calculator and Clock

<img src="" alt="" title="meeting-cost-calculator-clock" width="422" height="321" class="aligncenter size-full wp-

Laser beam clock tells time with mirrors

<img src="" />Those wacky artists at <a href="

Sony’s new clock radio shines (on the wall)

<img src="" />Sony announced a new clock radio today, the enticing named ICF-C717PJ, the latest in a long line of consumer elec

Aspiral Clock makes telling time a ball

<img src="" />Most concept clocks are high on art, and low on functionality. That's not the case with the Aspiral Clock, designed by Wil

Celsius Tourbillon mobile phone combines mechanical with electronic

<img src="" />Here's an obvious case of conspicuous consumption. Check out the Celsius X VI II Micro-Mechanical Remontage

The coolest clock you're going to see today: strobing LED hard drive digital clock

<img src="" alt="" title="strobe-clock" width="272" height="350" class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-144274" /> Making clocks out

Hello, Moshi: a voice controlled alarm clock

<img src="" alt="moshi" title="moshi" />I've been wondering how long it'll be before we start talking to all our appliances and gadgets,
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