All About Linux 2008: 5 more cool devices running Linux that you're not using but should

[photopress:fonera.jpg,full,center] Linux, as we’ve been stressing all week, is not just for desktops. Linux works in all sorts of ways on all sorts of devices. Embedded Linux is a popular choic

CrunchGear now on Chumby

/bugs/cg.swf I just built a little RSS reader for the Chumby. Pop over to the Chumby site to check it out or just stare at it here. Never let it be said that we will ever force people to buy small, be

Chumby adds much new content to its network

We love the Chumby. Not only is it innovative, it’s damn cute. And today Chumby has announced partnerships with a number of content providers to further increase the device’s value, includ

Chumby available for purchase

Chumby is officially available for $179.95 with free shipping. Run, nerds, run! Chumby

Again, Chumby really is the bees knees

From this Flickr set With every Chumby piece I read, the desire to whip out my credit card increases in kind. Bits bought a Chumby—it’s not a review unit, in other words—and gave it

General public can now purchase Chumby

Surely you remember Chumby, the adorable little widget monster who has been in development for well over a year. If you’ve been waiting to get one into your living room, you can now do so thanks

Chumby: We Want One, So Do You

Less than 1 year ago a startup called Chumby began handing small squeezable Internet-ready devices at the Foo Con in Sebastopol, Cal. Recently, they have begun prepping the final version, which featur

Chumby: One Year Later

Chumby is a small, wifi-enabled linux hardware device is designed to be hacked and changed by its owners. The device has a 350MHz ARM controller, 32MB SDRAM, 64 MB Nand Flash Rom, a 320×240 3.5 inch

TechCrunch Gets Chumy with Chumby

TechCrunch got a chance this weekend to check out the Chumby, a device that is certain to make a huge impact next year. It is notable because of its complete hackability. What one does with it is esse

Chumby Devices Handed Out at Foo

The founders of Chumby wanted to create a new device that begs to be hacked. Yesterday, they introduced a prototype of their new gadget to 100 or so attendees of Foo Camp in Sebastopol, California. I