Chumby One goes on sale for $99

chumby-oneIn case you’re one for hard lines and plastic over soft and cuddly, head over to the Chumby store and order yourself the new Chumby One. It’s way more advanced than the original model with a faster CPU, a lot more storage, FM tuner, and is half the price at only $99. But like I said before, I still want the older model.

The original Chumby was fun and whimsical; the One is up-tight. Just look at the two next to each other. The Classic is like the over weight and funny looking party boy that can always score with the ladies. But the One on the other hand, looks more like the straight-laced, classically handsome church boy. I mean, if you’re actually going to own one of these things, don’t you want one that’s fun?

[Chumby via Engdaget]