Meet Anobar, Chumby's dark Japanese brother

Anodos, a start-up based out of Tokyo, is currently developing a device, which is slightly similar to the Chumby. The so-called Anobar measures 354×85.5×97mm and weighs 2kg.

The device features a FED screen (size: 288×43.2mm) with 640×96 pixel resolution to display information retrieved from the Internet over Wi-Fi (OS: WindowsXP Embedded). Content includes i.e. RSS feeds and data from 2chan [JP], a Japanese discussion forum that happens to be the biggest in the world.

Users can display their self-developed Flash animations, play games, view pictures and listen to music with their Anobar. Sending and receiving email is also possible.

The Anobar comes with 1GB of memory, an additional 2GB of flash memory, built-in stereo speakers, a touch sensor and a remote control.

Price and delivery date (both for Japan and a possible overseas version) are not yet fixed. According to Anodos, the costs per prototype are currently amounting to a whopping $1,900, mainly incurred by the FED display.

The Chumby is not yet released in Japan [JP].