• Sell Wants You To Buy, Sell, And Donate Direct On Twitter (From Any Device)

    Sell Wants You To Buy, Sell, And Donate Direct On Twitter (From Any Device)

    Brands have typically used Twitter as a somewhat indirect broadcast platform, listing items for sale, but only doing so in a way that is intended to lure customers away from Twitter to their own websites and eCommerce platforms. (Facebook has also struggled to keep commerce and transactions happening on its platform, rather than suffering from redirection to retailers’ homepages.) But… Read More

  • No Chirp This Year, So Twitter Developers Holding Their Own Summit

    Last year, Twitter held the first Chirp, a large developer conference in San Francisco akin to Facebook’s f8, Google’s I/O, and Apple’s WWDC. Everyone assumed this would become an annual thing. Then they decided not to do one this year. And that’s too bad, because this may be the most important year to have one as much of ecosystem is questioning Twitter’s… Read More

  • Garmin Chirp: The Geocacher's Aide-de-Camp

    Attention, geocachers! Garmin has a new device that may be worth your while. It’s called the chirp (yup, lowercase “c”), and it works in conjunction with Garmin phones to ensure a “more interactive and enjoyable geocaching experience.” Sounds fun. Not that I’ve ever been geocaching, but it seems like a swell way to spend an afternoon. It certainly beats… Read More

  • What Exactly Does Twitter Want Us To Fly To?

    Earlier this year, Twitter got into the event business for the first time with Chirp, a developers conference they put on in San Francisco with the help of Carsonified. Obviously, they’ll be doing another one of those next year. But has the one event caused an itch around Twitter that only more events can scratch? A┬ámockup of a new site indicates that may be the case, but Twitter… Read More

  • Twitter Sets Chirp Free… Well, Cheaper

    There’s a lot of excitement about Twitter’s first conference, Chirp, which takes place next month in San Francisco. In fact, the tickets for the event, despite their $469 price, have been selling out quickly (they’ve been releasing them in waves). And today brings great news for those still clamoring to go: there is a new type of ticket, and they’re significantly… Read More

  • Facebook f8 Tickets Go Up A Bit Early. Not All That Much Cheaper Than Twitter Chirp.

    Back in December at Le Web, Twitter announced that it would hold its first-ever conference, Chirp, in San Francisco, in 2010. About a month later, they gave out the details, including that it would be taking place exactly a week before Facebook’s big conference, f8. Seeing as both are geared towards developers, it’s pretty clear they’re gunning for one another. But it seemed… Read More

  • Despite The Price, Twitter's Chirp Tickets Selling Out "Within Hours." Another Batch Released.

    The tickets for Twitter’s first official conference, Chirp, are selling quickly — despite the $469 price. Twitter is planning to release about 800 tickets for the event total but is putting them up for sale in waves. The first batch, about 1/3rd of the tickets, went on sale last month and sold out “within hours,” we’re told. Today, Twitter has just released… Read More

  • Platform Wars: Twitter's Chirp Conference Will Take Place A Week Before Facebook's f8

    Back in December at Le Web, Twitter Director of Platform Ryan Sarver announced that Twitter would be holding the first conference of their own in 2010. Today, they’ve unveiled the details. Called Chirp, the conference will take place April 14 and 15 in San Francisco. Notably, this is exactly one week before Facebook’s big developer conference, f8, which will be April 21 and 22. Day… Read More

  • We Have Liftoff: The Web 2.0 Expo Launch Pad

    Earlier this afternoon, six startups had five minutes each to present their wares onstage to a panel of VCs and an audience at the Web 2.0 Expo Launch Pad. Panelists gave feedback to the companies in real-time, and depending on how well they did, had the option to “offer these applicants non-binding term sheets for financing”. In the end, Triggit was named as the people’s… Read More

  • Chirp Launches Its Social Screen Saver In Beta

    Today, Chirp is launching in public beta. Chirp is a screen saver, previously covered here, that lets you bring social feeds from Flickr and Facebook onto your desktop. Other social Websites will be added in the future. “Our purpose is to enable you to stay up to date with your friends without the hassle of logging into multiple websites,” says CEO Eve Phillips. Chirp will let… Read More

  • Remember PointCast? Meet Chirpscreen

    One of my earliest memories of the internet comes from elementary school where I remember seeing PointCast shown on our classroom computers. PointCast was a screensaver popular in the mid-90s that displayed news stories pulled in from over the internet. This hot Web 1.0 service died off in large part due to bandwidth limitations and the company’s inability to transition away from… Read More