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OpenStack launches Yoga, its 25th release

OpenStack, the massive open source infrastructure-as-a-service project that allows enterprises and public hosting services to run their own on-premise clouds, today released version 25 of its software

The NYSE will delist three Chinese telecoms after all

The New York Stock Exchange announced this morning that it will be delisting three major Chinese telecom companies, a move that it first announced last week before seeming to reverse course on Monday.

More Chinese phone makers could lose US apps under Trump’s Clean Network

More than a third of the world’s smartphone sales come from Chinese vendors Huawei, Xiaomi and Oppo. These manufacturers have thrived not only because they offer value-for-money handsets thanks

The US is formalizing Team Telecom rules to restrict foreign ownership of internet and telecom assets

It has the simplest name, but the sort of shadowy overtones that national security writers lust after. Team Telecom, a mostly informal working committee of the Departments of Defense, Homeland Securit

How US national security agencies hold the internet hostage

Team Telecom, a shadowy US national security unit tasked with protecting America’s telecommunications systems, is delaying plans by Google, Facebook and other tech companies for the next generation

Huawei says US ban will cost it $30B in lost revenue

Following a string of trade restrictions from the U.S., China’s telecoms equipment and smartphone maker Huawei expects its revenues to drop $30 billion below forecast over the next two years, fo

China grants first 5G licenses amid Huawei global setback

It’s official. After much anticipation, China named the first companies to receive 5G licenses for commercial use on Thursday. The announcement from the Ministry of Industry and Information Tech

Several chip companies, including Qualcomm and Intel, have reportedly stopped supplying Huawei after blacklist

Several key suppliers are reportedly cutting off Huawei after the Trump administration added the Chinese telecom equipment and smartphone giant to a trade blacklist last week. According to Bloomberg,

With Kata Containers and Zuul, OpenStack graduates its first infrastructure projects

Over the course of the last year and a half, the OpenStack Foundation made the switch from purely focusing on the core OpenStack project to opening itself up to other infrastructure-related projects a

FCC looks to slap down China Mobile’s attempt to join US telecom system

The FCC has proposed to deny an application from China Mobile, a state-owned telecom, to provide interconnect and mobile services here in the U.S., citing security concerns. It's another setback to th

Apple’s Greater China Revenue Grew Sequentially In Q2 As iPhone Growth Impresses

Apple’s earnings are out, and the iPhone’s 17 percent growth was likely the most noteworthy number in its hardware results. That’s a big increase for a device that analysts expected

Apple Back Among The Top Five Smartphone Vendors In China On iPhone 5s Success, IDC Reports

Apple has gained an entire percentage point of market share and cracked the top five smartphone manufacturers, according to the latest figures from research firm IDC. Apple’s share rose from 6 t

Tim Cook Celebrates China Mobile’s iPhone Launch

The iPhone is finally available for sale in China Mobile stores after Apple spent years negotiating for a deal with the carrier, the world's largest by subscriber number. In a sign of how important th

Apple Announces Deal To Bring iPhones To China Mobile Starting On Jan. 17

Apple and China Mobile <a target="_blank" href="ome/20131222005019/en/China-Mobile-Apple-Bring-iPhone-China-Mobile’s#.UrdiDHn-nt4">just announced</a> that they've reached an agreement that will see

China Mobile Kicks Off iPhone Preorders Thursday, 4G Network Booting Up Dec. 18

Last week, it came out that China Mobile and Apple had finally penned a deal to bring the iPhone to China's largest mobile network, and now the Wall Street Journal reports that iPhone 5s pre-order sal

China Mobile’s Jego Wants To Challenge Skype By Targeting Overseas Chinese Users First

Jego, a <a target="_blank" href="">VoIP app for iOS and Android</a>, was launched by China Mobile International last month as part of an effort to build its international r

Apple Finally Signs Long-Awaited Deal To Sell iPhones On China Mobile’s Network

China Mobile has finally signed a deal to offer Apple iPhones on its network, an agreement that took years to reach, <a target="_blank" href="

The iPhone Quietly Goes Up For Pre-Order On China Mobile

According to <a target="_blank" href="">Fortune</a>, China Mobile has begun quietly taking pre-orders for Apple's iPhone 5s and 5c smar

China Mobile Will Get 4G In December, A Potential Sales Boost For Apple iPhones

After months of speculation, China Mobile will finally be the first carrier to offer 4G LTE in China on Dec. 18, followed by China Unicom and China Telecom, the country's other two major carriers. The

Apple Secures License For iPhone To Run On China Mobile’s Network Standard

Apple <a target="_blank" href="">has secured the final government license</a> needed to run the iPhone on China
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