The dream of customizable virtual 3D foliage is alive at Disney

Oh, to work at Disney, to have a hand in creating those lusciously detailed 3D worlds, every character lovingly rendered, every animal sidekick unique and hilarious, every tree... filled with leaves.

Nokia Says Sayonara To Japan – Again

<img src="" /> That was a long sayonara: in November 2008, <a href="">Nokia</a> decided to <

Biohazard Outbreak Survive: This Is How Resident Evil Looks Like As A Mobile Social Game

<img src="" /> Survival horror video game series <a href="">Resident Evil</a> has

"Michael's King Of Pop": Michael Jackson Stars In New Japanese Mobile Social Game

<img src="" /> Michael Jackson may have passed away two years ago, but he has always been especially big in Japan. So bi

Video: Smartphone Simulates Sensation Of Buttons On A Touchscreen

<img src="" /> Do you miss the feeling of pressing physical buttons when you touch icons or letters on a smartphone

Video: NTT Docomo's Mobile, Simultaneous Translation System

<img src="" /> The idea of translating spoken language from cell phone to cell phone isn't exactly <a href="http:/

Sharp Plans To Introduce Android AQUOS PHONE Brand Worldwide

<img src="" /> They have been talking about this <a href="

Video: Fujitsu’s Symbian/Windows 7 Dual Boot Cell Phone Up And Close

<img src="" /> We showed you the LOOX F-07C <a href="

AQUOS PHONE THE HYBRID 007SH: Sharp Shows World's First Clamshell Android Phone

<img src="" /> If you thought Android and clamshell handsets won't fit, think again: Sharp today <a href="

The iPhone 4 Tops Handset Sales Ranking In Japan

<img src="" /> The world's <a href="

12 New Handsets From Japan: KDDI au's Entire Summer Line-Up

<img src="" /> Following <a href="">D

Video: KDDI's iida INFOBAR Android Handset Boasts Unique Design, UI [Update: New Video]

<img src="" /> Japan's second largest mobile carrier <a href="">KDDI au</a> unveiled its s

NTT Docomo's Feature Phone Line-Up For Summer 2011

<img src="" /> We covered <a href="">NTT Docomo</a>'s smartphone line-up for thi

NTT Docomo's Smartphone Line-Up For Summer 2011

<img src="" /> Japan’s biggest mobile carrier <a href="">NTT Docomo</a> has <a

LOOX F-07C: Fujitsu's Symbian/Windows 7 Dual Boot Cell Phone Unveiled

<img src="" /> It turns out the leak we <a href="

Samsung Gets 3 Million Pre-Orders For The Galaxy S II

<img src="" /> No doubt the <a href="

NEC Medias: World's Slimmest Smartphone Tops Japanese Cell Phone Sales Charts

<img src="黒 横②-61x630.jpg" /> The NEC Medias is not only "the world's slimmest smartphone", it's also selling really well.

Japan's SoftBank To Offer Free Phones, Waive All Communication Fees For Quake Orphans

<img src="" /> Japan's telecommunications juggernaut <a href="">SoftBank</a>, the third

Disney Opens Cute Cell Phone Store In Tokyo

<img src="" /> Disney exited the cell phone business in the US back in 2007, but the MVNO Disney operates in Japan seems

NEC Medias: Docomo To Offer The World's Thinnest Smartphone In 3 Weeks (Update: Video)

<img src="黒 横②-61x630.jpg" /> On Monday, we've just shown you some <a href="
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