Biohazard Outbreak Survive: This Is How Resident Evil Looks Like As A Mobile Social Game

Survival horror video game series Resident Evil has sold well over 45 million units since the first title came out back in 1996, on various platforms, for example the PlayStation 1, the Nintendo DS, or the iPhone. But there has never been a mobile social game in the series (“Biohazard” in Japan) – until this week.

Maker Capcom started rolling out “Biohazard Outbreak Survive” on GREE, a mobile social gaming platform in Japan with over 25 million users, on Monday (the title is available for GREE on Japanese feature phones only).

The difference to the console versions is that players of the mobile social game version are supposed to mainly clear missions instead of following a story. Users need to solve puzzles, cooperate with each other, help cure infected users, kill zombies, etc. in order to eventually escape from Raccoon City.

“Biohazard Outbreak Survive” is free to play on GREE (virtual items cost extra), and it might one day even be released outside Japan in one form or the other.

Via Inside Games [JP]