Snapdragon 835 promises better battery, more security and added AR and VR support

When Qualcomm first teased the latest version of its near ubiquitous Snapdragon line back in mid-November, it was fairly light on the details. At the time, it offered some vague promises of performanc

Insole maker Digitsole goes all in with a connected smart sneaker

If you know Digitsole at all, it’s probably for the company’s connected, heated insoles. This year at CES, the company is building upon its inner-shoe expertise with something decidedly more ambit

HP’s strange Sprout all-in-one gets an upgrade aimed at education and businesses

Perhaps the time has finally come for the HP Sprout. When the original product was announced in late-2014, the 3D scanning all-in-one felt like little more than a curiosity than a commercial product.

Home robot Kuri is like an Amazon Echo designed by Pixar

Mayfield Robotics is a startup fully owned and funded by Bosch, with a team of co-founders that have extensive experience in the field of robotics, but also in interaction design and machine learning.

Polar embeds a bunch of sensors into a workout shirt

The once-ascendant world of wearables seems to be on shaky ground of late, but you’ve got to hand it to polar for really going all in. The Finnish company’s certainly got the history to back it up

3DRudder’s peculiar little foot-powered VR controller goes wireless

I was surprised by how much I liked the original 3DRudder prototype when I tried it out a while back. It’s a strange little solution to the issue of mobility in VR – but then, they all kind of ar

Motiv crams a fitness band’s worth of functionality into a ring

Here’s one of those devices I can’t wait to put through some real world testing. Motiv’s creators have made some pretty big claims for their tiny wearable – which are pretty impressive, if tru

LG’s Hub Robot sounds like a mobile Amazon Echo

LG and Samsung have really taken advantage of the calm before the CES storm by teasing out their product announcements, one by one. LG’s certainly ahead in terms of sheer strangeness here, having a

Four reasons you shouldn’t launch your crowdfunding campaign at CES

It’s the Super Bowl for nerds -- a place where the future is unveiled alongside a pile of the most useless crap humans can dream up. And if the legions we talk to in our work are to be believed, the

Samsung is bringing an Amazon Echo-compatible robot vacuum to CES

Samsung surely (hopefully) has bigger and better things up its sleeve for CES, coming off a year that was, at best, pretty damn rocky for the electronics giant. In the meantime, the company’s lookin

LG is bringing a little floating speaker to CES

LG’s apparently not much for surprises at this year’s CES. The company has already announced a number of the devices it plans to debut at the show, including a bunch of smartphones and monitors. M

Samsung’s CES C-Lab startups are focused on skincare and kids

Samsung’s C-Lab experiments are rarely earth-shattering, but they’re usually fairly interesting. Since last year, the electronics giant has used the Creative Lab as a way to foster innovation wit

Going to CES? Join us at the official Hardware Battlefield Party in Las Vegas

There ain’t no party like a TechCrunch party 🎉 because at a TechCrunch party you can meet investors who may or may not give you a term sheet for your hardware startup 💰. That’s why w

What to expect from CES 2017

For most, this week marks the beginning of the holiday season. Presents and office parties and an extra day off here and there. In the tech world, it means we’re a mere two weeks away from the Consu

Hardware Battlefield application deadline extended

We get it. You’re busy building a robot that can eat human food. That’s why we’ve extended the deadline for applications for TechCrunch’s Hardware Battlefield for a few more days. Submit your

Get ready for a me-too CES

That record scratch you just heard came from thousands of designers and R&D specialists who suddenly have to remake 3D models of laptops, phones and desktops. That sigh is coming from hundreds of

If you’re covering tonight’s debate from hell, CES will remind you of that other hellish conference in Vegas

Today has been a frustrating day. It’s time to book my flights for CES in Las Vegas in January, already. I’m currently struggling with Concur’s awful flight search engine to find a flight that w

Applications are open for Hardware Battlefield at CES

We’re back. Hardware Battlefield is TechCrunch’s premier hardware startup event and is returning to the world’s largest consumer electronic show. Applications are now open until November 3

We are all excited for CES which is great and wonderful and right around the corner-ish

See you there!

3 gadgets not quite ready for prime time

If flying cars and personal assistants that live inside your light bulbs sound far-fetched, think again. The high-tech apps and devices that debuted at CES 2016 this year prove we’re living in the f
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