CES 2014

The 360 Fly Can Capture Your Entire World

A Pittsburgh-based tech company approached us on the <a href="https://techcrunch.com/tag/ces-2014">CES 2014</a> show floor last week and asked for a bit of time to talk about their product, a small ba

Dustcloud Transforms You Into a Virtual Assassin

As a kid who grew up on Lazer Tag and the <a target="_blank" href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Killer:_The_Game_of_Assassination">Killer</a>, the idea of a compact, always-on live action RPG is very

Mophie Team Explains Why It’s Expanding From Power To Storage

Mophie <a target="_blank" href="http://www.usatoday.com/story/tech/2014/01/10/mophie-space-pack-iphone/4399805/">said</a> earlier this week that it's expanding beyond its popular <a href="https://tech

SolarCooler Keeps Your Brews Icy With The Power Of The Sun, But It’ll Cost You $1K

Every year at CES, the Eureka Park outpost where they stick the scrappy startups is the best damn part of the whole shindig. This is where all the people with a screw loose or a decided lack of good c

This Week On The TC Gadgets Podcast: Best Of CES 2014

This week, we have a special TechCrunch Gadgets podcast, in that it's actually CrunchWeek in audio form. CES happened this past week, and so the news we focused on in general happened to be about gadg

CES 2014 Proves That Wearables Are Still A Work In Progress

Before this year's <a href="https://techcrunch.com/tag/ces-2014">Consumer Electronics Show</a>, I issued a challenge: I wanted makers of wearable tech to prove to me that the <a href="https://techcrun

I’ve Seen The Future Of Health Tech And It’s Going To Improve Your Life In 2014

I just returned from the most exciting Consumer Electronics Show I've ever covered. Thanks to extraordinary demand for gadgets that make us healthier, stronger, and smarter, the technology industry is

A Gentle Buzz To Improve Your Posture And, Soon, Yoga Poses

Bad posture is collectively turning the desk-chained workforce into a mass of <a target="_blank" href="http://psychcentral.com/news/2012/10/16/poor-posture-can-affect-mood-energy/46112.html">unhealthy

Toshiba’s 5-in-1 Computing Device Concept Looks Like What Windows 8 Is Meant For

One of the best parts of CES are the devices that companies show off that are more or less conceptual, and may or may not ever even get made. One such gadget is the Toshiba 5-in-1 tablet, notebook, me

Qualcomm Will Bring Lytro-Style Focus Selection To Mobile Photos With New Snapdragon Chips

Qualcomm showed off some of the magic powers of its latest mobile processors at CES this year, and many of the new features on display had to do with mobile cameras. The Qualcomm 805, announced back i

Hands On With Samsung’s New Galaxy NotePRO And TabPRO Android Tablets

Samsung debuted a couple brand new Android tablets at CES this year, both of which are being positioned as “Pro” versions of its existing Note and Tab line of devices. The slates do indeed

These Are The Headphones You’re Looking For

Stormtrooper: Let me see your headphones. Obi-Wan: [with a small wave of his hand] You don’t need to see his headphones. Stormtrooper: We don’t need to see his headphones. Obi-Wan: These a

Snakebyte Vyper Adds Home Theatre Features To An Android Game Console And Tablet

Many companies are betting that people want some kind of Android-based gaming solution in their living room, from Ouya to GameStick to Nvidia. One new initiative along those lines debuted at CES 2014

Oculus VR’s New “Crystal Cove” Prototype Is Kind Of Amazing

<a target="_blank" href="http://www.oculusvr.com">Oculus VR</a> has been showing off a new version of its virtual reality technology at the Consumer Electronics Show. According to Vice President of Pr

Bioniq Health Compares Features And The Quality Of Health Trackers

Health trackers, from pedometers to smart scales, are flooding the market and there’s no place to conveniently compare all the different competitors. BioniqHealth.com is a new website to compare

Pocket Drones Gets $50,000 In Pledges Overnight

Hardware Battlefield entrant <a target="_blank" href="http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/749707768/the-pocket-drone-your-personal-flying-robot">Pocket Drones</a> blew past their initial goal of $30,0

Announcing The Finalists For Hardware Battlefield: Atlas Wearables, Blaze, CubeSensors, And Owlet Baby Care

After two days of presentations, hours of judging, and 14 demos, we’re excited to announce the finalists for the inaugural Hardware Battlefield: Atlas Wearables, Blaze, CubeSensors, and Owlet Ba

Faraday’s Stylish New Bicycle Will Change How You Think About E-Bikes

Faraday Bicycles has created an electronic bike that was built to be stylish, functional, and a lot of fun to ride. We got a preview of the company's first bike, which will be shipping soon to custome

Get Reminders To Brush Your Teeth And Water The Plants With The Digital “Mother”

Need a helpful reminder to brush your teeth, take your morning pills, or water the plants? The newly announced device, called “Mother”, imbues everyday objects with the gentle nagging pow

The Eye Tribe Says It’s Shipping Its First $99 Eye-Tracking Units, Raises Another $1M

The Eye Tribe, which took the stage today at TechCrunch’s CES Hardware Battlefield, has developed affordable hardware that allows users to control software with the motion of their eyes. In fact,
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