A Gentle Buzz To Improve Your Posture And, Soon, Yoga Poses

Bad posture is collectively turning the desk-chained workforce into a mass of unhealthy hunchbacks. The Lumo Lift is a magnetic shirt pin that delivers gentle buzzing nudge whenever it senses poor posture. It’s a reminder “to keep your shoulders back and down and your head lifted,” explains Lumoback Founder, Monisha Perkash.

Because Lumoback collects all the user data on their servers, they actually know that it’s consumers are changing their posture over time. Many of “our users report significant improvement in days or weeks,” says Perkash.

The Lumo Lift is also relevant for folks with a Standing desk, since proper posture is important while standing or sitting.

Perkash revealed to TechCrunch an even cooler feature of Lumo Lift that’s on their product roadmap: Yoga poses. In our CES 2014 interview above, she demonstrated how an upcoming version of the Lumo Lift software will make sure our cobras and downward dogs are top notch.

The Lumo Lift will be available for around $79, launching in the Spring.