Announcing The Finalists For Hardware Battlefield: Atlas Wearables, Blaze, CubeSensors, And Owlet Baby Care

After two days of presentations, hours of judging, and 14 demos, we’re excited to announce the finalists for the inaugural Hardware Battlefield: Atlas Wearables, Blaze, CubeSensors, and Owlet Baby Care.

The winner will be decided tomorrow afternoon and awarded a $50,000 check and a robot-topped trophy.

Fourteen companies participated in our first Hardware Battlefield representing eleven countries. From medical devices to quantitative self gear to drones to bike lights, these companies launched for the first time on our stage at CES 2014 and were judged by panels of all-star judges.

Tomorrow, at 3:00pm PDT, the four finalists will present their product yet again to four more judges including Yves Behar, Bre Pettis, Jen McCabe, and Matt Turck. The winner will take home the first Hardware Battlefield cup.

All of our companies were amazing. All of our entrants are already doing some amazing work in their fields and most are well on their way to successful crowdfunding. We were proud to have them on our stage.

The finalists are:

atlas01 2
Atlas [Presentation] – Atlas is a wearable device that tracks and identifies specific activity. Where existing products can only track a single metric, steps, Atlas is smart enough to identify pushups, squats, dead lifts and everything else.

Peter Li, CEO
Mike Kasparian, CTO
Alex Hsieh, Lead Software Developer
Mehdi Mirza, Data Scientist

blaze05 2

Blaze Laserlight [Presentation] – Blaze are an intelligent biking brand. Launching with the Laserlight, a radical innovation tackling the greatest cause of cyclist fatality – being caught in the ‘blind spot’ and vehicles turning across an unseen bike.

Emily Brooke, CEO + Founder

cubesensors01 2

CubeSensors [Presentation] – CubeSensors are small, stylish and connected devices that help you understand how every room in your home or office is affecting your health, comfort and productivity. The Cubes monitor everything that can be measured about indoors, like temperature, humidity, air quality, noise, light and barometric pressure. They are small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and can easily blend in any room you want to optimize for leisure, sleep or work.

Ales Spetic, CEO
Marko Mrdjenovic, CTO


Owlet [Presentation] – Owlet provides parents with peace of mind by implementing new technologies to monitor, track, and alert on changes in their infant’s health. Owlet helps parents prevent SIDS and other early infant issues.

Jordan Monroe, CMO
Zack Bomsta, CTO
Kurt Workman, CEO
Tanor Hodges, CFO
Jake Colvin, COO