Get Reminders To Brush Your Teeth And Water The Plants With The Digital “Mother”

Need a helpful reminder to brush your teeth, take your morning pills, or water the plants? The newly announced device, called “Mother”, imbues everyday objects with the gentle nagging power of our awesome moms. Conspicuous peanut-sized trackers (“Cookies”) attach to toothbrushes, medication bottles, backpacks, water glasses and other household items to track if they’re being used correctly.

Our own dear mothers could be the next to be replaced by a computer–except, of course, telling us to give them grandchildren (oh, and that unconditional love thing).

Inside the Cookie, a tiny accelerometer knows whether, for instance, a medicine bottle has been lifted up and turned upside down–indicating that you’ve dumped our your morning pills. Cookies are placed on all sorts of household objects and wirelessly synced with the base station, which broods from a distance in the shape of a loving Russian doll.

Beginning with mostly household objects, the possible applications for Mother are endless. Imagine any object around the house, car, or office that you’re supposed to use on a regular basis and it, could, in theory, work with Mother’s digital ecosystem. Mother also tracks temperature (for, say, pets) and geolocation (for tracking a child on the way from school).’s Mother device is supposed to launch in the spring with a base station and 4 Cookies for $222. Check out more on their site.