The 360 Fly Can Capture Your Entire World

A Pittsburgh-based tech company approached us on the CES 2014 show floor last week and asked for a bit of time to talk about their product, a small ball that can take panoramic video and is rugged enough to be strapped to a helmet or surf board. The product, called the 360fly, is still in beta but the company wanted to show it to us – complete with male surfer model – so we could get an idea of how the device worked.

The company’s previous products, the GoPano line, sold very well. The products connected to your iPhone and allowed you to take panoramic video anywhere using the iPhone’s own camera. This idea isn’t particularly new but I think the 360fly is a fascinating refinement of the product.

We’ll update you when these guys, Voxx, have more to show. Until then, enjoy seeing a poor man in board shorts and a t-shirt smile uncomfortably as I talk to the founder.