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WTF cell phone edition: Japanese mother kills son with cell phone strap

Nothing funny here, just insight about how the world is fraked up sometimes. The story goes that four days ago in Japan, a 35-year old mother claimed her son disappeared, but later admitted to strang

iPhones Continue to Hammer Networks

<img src="https://beta.techcrunch.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/07/iphone-3g.png" alt="iPhone" class="shot" /> iPhone use in the epicenter of the technology world is on the rise, <a href="http://meraki

Japanese Kuma teddy bear phone comforts sick kids

(video from DigInfo, Tokyo) Japan’s No. 4 cell phone carrier Willcom recently presented a very special kind of handset at the Good Design Expo 2008 in Tokyo (that ended last week). The company a

KDDI's cell phone prototypes look great on the web but rather dull in reality

KDDI, Japan’s second biggest mobile phone carrier, showcased a number of cell phone prototypes in their five-floor Design Studio [JP] in central Tokyo. The phones were designed by award-winning

Polo Ralph Lauren to launch 'shop by cell phone' in US – What?!?

Image source: Cellular-news Picture it now. A Ralph Lauren boardroom full of green MBAs, ripe in their late twenties, tweeting away on their iPhones. Suddenly, one of the suits light bulb pops on: &#8

Fujitsu's new technology transmits instant product information to cell phones

Yesterday Fujitsu presented [JP] Spotcast, a new transmission system that enables customers inside stores to receive up-to-date shopping information on their cell phones. The technology only works if

New chip enhances video playback quality on mobile phones

Relatively blurry screenshots (1-seg digital TV broadcast for portable devices in Japan) Toshiba Japan managed to develop a prototype chip that makes it possible to view videos on cell phones and port

Samsung Instinct promo campaign on Youtube (this is what I call viral marketing)

Sprint recently launched a clever promotion campaign for their Instinct, calling for users to somehow place the cell phone in home videos and then post them on YouTube (official tagline: “Sell o

The Futurist: Why Isn't Bluetooth Standard On MP3 Players?

Over the course of a couple of years, Bluetooth on cell phones went from a foreign fantasy to a crippled luxury to a standard (if still often crippled) feature on virtually every new cell phone. Putti

PatentMonkey: NEC Gets Cell Phone Smart File Downloading Patent

Apple notes it is the only player one of two players in WiFi enabled smart phones offering expanded reach when cell coverage is, well, not so good. This week, NEC was issued a related patent on wirele

The Futurist: The Future of Pandora is Mobile

Thanks to the Copyright Royalty Board, beginning in mid-July, all Internet radio stations will see substantially higher royalty fees. Fees so high, that it isn’t difficult to imagine vast swaths

Patent Monkey: Skullcandy Patents LINK between Cell Phone and iPod

Skullcandy has been creating some interesting products such as their headphones, MP3 watches and backpacks. They were just issued their first patent on a personal portable integrator for a music playe

Asus Conceputalizes Another Aura

Although culled from a site that contains questionable Hungarian (someone translate this for me if they can), the Asus Aura concept phone looks like a solid competitor to the iPhone — if it ever

iPhone Is Too Cool For School

While I was exploring MacWorld 2007 in San Francisco, I finally ventured into a little area where the iPhone slumbered in its own little case. After fighting through the crowd of golems and hobbits to

Optical Joystick You Say?

Samsung brings us some mobile goodness, they’ve launched the first mobile phone with an optical joystick. The SCH-V960 which hits stores in Korea this month is outfitted with a 2-megapixel camera, G

Cell Phones To Be Banned In Hospitals?

I have to admit, I never thought of cell phones being a problem in hospitals. It makes sense, though. There’s a good bit of expensive, electronic equipment all over the place and phones just lov

GPS System With Tri-Band Phone Announced

This little guy may look like a simple GPS, but do you see that little lit LED light in the top right corner? That’s to let you know that you have an incoming phone call. That’s right, thi

Leaked Samsung SGH-i760 Looks Mmm-Mmm Good

For the past several months I’ve been regularly using the Samsung T809 from T-Mobile. I really dig the slider’s design, features and display, despite the crappy battery life I get from it.

m300 GSM Cell Phone Watch is the First Cell Phone Watch to Market

<img src="https://beta.techcrunch.com/wp-content/uploads/2007/01/A Super Nerd. And we're all for it. This m300 GSM phone will have a 99-count phone book, 70 hours of standby, and will be

Motorola KRZR K1 Unboxed

Engadget Mobile got to unbox the new Motorola KRZR K1, excited? You should be! The new KRZR K1 has gotten some upgrades including an easier to use key pad (no longer sticking out), light green LEDs fo
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