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Street Fighter IV Real Voice is the coolest cell phone strap ever (video)

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I’ve seen countless straps in my many years in cell phone-crazy Japan, but this one beats them all. The so-called “Street Fighter IV Real Voice” is essentially a mini joystick that plays the voice samples that follow a number of special moves in the game. All sounds from the major attacks Chun Li, Ken, Ryu and Dhalsim can pull off are there – provided you’re skilled enough with your hands.


A quarter circle followed by pressing the “P”-button, for example, will let you hear Ken’s or Ryu’s famous “Hadouken” line. The same command executed on the Dhalsim strap will result in a voice sample saying “Yoga Fire”. Awesome idea.


You can get the straps here for $13.10 each plus shipping (pre-order, the site says the straps will be shipped early next month).

This video shows how the Street Fighter IV Real Voice works:

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