SoftBank's complete 17 cell phone winter line-up (photo gallery)

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KDDI did it as early as last month, and today it was NTT Docomo’s and SoftBank’s turn to unveil their line-ups of new cell phones for the Japanese market. Here are all of SoftBank’s 17 future models [JP], which will be sold in Japan from this fall through spring 2010.


Sharp AQUOS 940SH
(3.4-inch ASV screen with 480×854 resolution, Wi-Fi-enabled, 12MP CCD camera/pictured again at the top)


Sharp AQUOS 941SH
(4-inch screen with half XGA (480×1024) resolution, Wi-Fi-enabled, 8MP CCD camera, Blu-ray recorder connectivity)


Sharp AQUOS 943SH
(3.4-inch screen, Wi-Fi-enabled, double digital TV tuner, 8MP CCD camera, Blu-ray recorder connectivity, USB 2.0 port)


NEC 940N
(3.2-inch screen with 480×854 resolution, Wi-Fi-enabled, 8.1MP CMOS camera, extra-slim body)


Panasonic 941P
(3.3-inch VIERA screen, Wi-Fi-enabled, 81.MP camera, can be used as a touch pad for notebooks, Final Fantasy IV pre-installed)


Toshiba dynapocket X02T
(smartphone running on Windows Mobile 6.5, 4.1-inch screen with 480×800 resolution, Wi-Fi-enabled, 1GHz CPU)

x01scSamsung X01SC
(smartphone running on Windows Mobile 6.5, 2.4-inch screen with 240×320 resolution, Wi-Fi-enabled, QWERTY keyboard)


Sharp 942SH
(3.4-inch screen with 480×854 resolution, 8MP camera, Wi-Fi-enabled, designed for highschool girls)

942sh_kittySharp 942SH KT
(same as the 942SH above, just with Hello Kitty design)


Panasonic 940 P
(slider with 3.1-inch screen (480×854 resolution), 8.1MP camera)


Samsung 940SC
(smartphone with 3.5-inch OLED touch screen and WVGA resolution, Bang & Olufsen speakers)


Panasonic 840P
(extra-simple to use phone with 2.9-inch screen, available in 15 different colors)


Panasonic 840P for Biz
(same as the 840P but designed for use by businesses)


Sharp 840SH
(extra-simple to use phone with 2.9-inch screen, 2MP CMOS camera, available in 7 different colors)


Panasonic 841P
(simple phone with 3-inch QVGA screen, 3.2MP camera with auto focus, GSM)


NEC 741N
(children-compatible phone with 2-inch screen, no camera, waterproof)


NEC 740N
(basically the same model as the 741N, just with a different design)

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