cedia 2008

CEDIAcrunch hands-on: Polk Atrium outdoor speakers

Word leaked out two weeks ago that Polk Audio planned on releasing the Atrium Sat 10 and Sub 30 outdoor satellite/subwoofer system here at CEDIA. It’s kind of a novel idea if you think about it,

JBL makes speakers wireless, pretty

Once again, friends, into the breach. JBL has just released some speakers, a wireless subwoofer kit, and a wireless speaker kit that will have you singing in the aisles of your local Best Buy when the

Infinity releases wireless subwoofer and high end speakers for the wireless subwoofer and high end speaker loving set

Infinity has released the Prelude Forty speakers – $6,000 each, natch – and a wireless subwoofer line that starts a $549. The PSW310W costs $1,199. The subwoofers include a compact transmi

Integra rolls out the surprisingly affordable DBS-6.9 Blu-ray player

Integra tends to put out very nice, abet pricey AV equipment, so the CE companies first Blu-ray players low price surprised the CEDIA out of me. According to one of their product minions, the DBS-6.

CEDIAcrunch: live pics of the $1,199 Profile 1.1 Yamaha Blu-ray player

I don’t get it. A ‘new’ $1,199 Blu-ray player that doesn’t support the latest Blu-ray standard. The player leaked out a few weeks ago, so there really isn’t anything here

CablesToGo offers USB to VGA kit

The USB to VGA Adapter Kit from CablesToGo uses Ultra-Wide Band technology to transmit VGA video over wirelessly over USB to a VGA out port to a television. You can connect a PC to one end and then tr

Super-slim Procision LCD HDTVs from JVC

Last JVC post of the day, folks. Complementing the earlier Procision series LCDs we have a 42- (LT-42SL89) and 46-inch (LT-46SL89) models that measure 1.5-inches in width with a max depth of 2.9-inche

Belkin FlyWire Transmitter: Transmits HD from anywhere

The FlyWire is an HD streamer that sends 1080p content to any TV, anywhere, from an HD source. Built-in IR blasters allow you to send control signals to any CE device including Blu-Ray players and rec

Guess what JVC announced today at CEDIA?

Am I the only one sick of all the TVs, Blu-ray players and projectors coming out of CEDIA today? JVC launched an all-new line of thin LCD TVs today under the Procision moniker. There are three 120Hz 1

CEDIAcrunch: Sony Booth Tour

New Blu-ray players, 1080p projectors, super-thin LCDs, and everything had the Sony name on it. Must be the Sony booth. Gallery after the jump.

Sony's Blu-ray Disc Mega Changer

All we know is it’s coming next year and it holds 400 Blu-ray discs. Are there even 400 Blu-ray titles out?

CEDIAcrunch hands-on: Logitech’s Squeezebox Boom

Logitech announced the Squeezebox Boom last week and I spent sometime poking and prodding it today. It looks great; clean and simple with a rubberized texture finish. The remote is simple and rest

CEDIAcrunch hands-on: Pioneer BDP-09FD Elite Blu-ray player

Pioneer has one killer Blu-ray player on their hands. The BDP-09FD is a monster and thanks to the geeky venue that is CEDIA, the CE company had the player naked for all the world to peep. It’s s

Conversation about Sharp's new Blu-ray Profile 1.1 players

Me, “So who is going to buy these ‘new’ Sharp Profile 1.1 Blu-ray players?” Cute Sharp girl, *laughs* “I think Sharp hopes someone will.”

CEDIAcrunch Hands-on: LG BD300 Blu-ray Netflix player

For a low price of $399, a consumer can get both a BD Live-enable Blu-ray player with a Netflix streamer. Plus, after a little hands on time, I think LG has a winner with the BD300. The player loads q

More Sharp announcements from CEDIA

Also announced at CEDIA from Sharp are a gaggle of HDTVs and one mini-audio system. There’s a rather extensive list and if you’re really, really interested then hit the jump for all the details. I

10-megapixel JVC projector does 4X HD resolution

For the discerning HD enthusiast who has it all, here’s the 4K2K D-ILA projector from JVC. It’s got a 10-megapixel optical system that can project things at 4096×2400 resolution – four time

Good Morning JVC!

8:30 this morning, I jammed myself into a small theater lobby with a bunch of morning breath sporting, traditional AV journalist. Not a great way to start the morning. Last night, Sony gave me crab le

Hitachi unveils 50-inch thin LCD

Just some icing on the thin TV cake: Hitachi just launched 50-inch ultrathin LCD TV. No pricing or availability, but it is purdy. Hitachi Unveils 50-Inch Ultra Thin Plasma Display Hitachi’s New Ultr

Ultrathin Hitachis priced and ready to roll

Hitachi’s 1.5-inch thin Director’s Series TVs are starting at $1,499 and ending – for the 47-inch UT47X902 – at $3,799. The V series starts at $1,499 for the 32-incher and $3,5
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