CEDIAcrunch: 5 speakers bent on world destruction

Some speakers sound divine, other speakers sound pleasent, then there are these five speakers, that given the chance, will instantly violate local noise ordinances and your grandmother, all at the same time.

The KEF Muon concept speakers are designed to either impress a little honey enough that she gets into the sack, or blow her clothes right off; either way is fine. See, it worked on that chick. 

The last time someone spared no expense, Jeff Goldblum was attacked by a T-Rex. This time around, the Steinway Lyngdorf Model D is sure to create a similar chain of unexplained catastrophes if cranked up. MSRP: $188,000 for everything sitting there.

Sometimes it’s all about compensation. You might drive a Prius, rock out on a Zune, but knowing that you have Focal Utopia III speakers back at your pad is ‘nough to make you walk a little taller than the douche driving the Viper. MSRP: $185,000 a pair.

Some California Audio Speaker setups will make even trust fund babies ask, “How much again?” So if you have to ask how much the MBX 10.9S44 speakers cost, your rich grandpappy probably won’t cover the tab. MSRP:$250k a pair.

This Wilson Audio subwoofer’s product name is Thor’s Hammer. Seriously. MSRP:$21,000

I know the Martin Logan CLX speaker probabaly wouldn’t blow clothes off girls, but it’s sexy enough that you wouldn’t need a women anyways. $30,000 as shown