Monster Cable launching GreenPower power centers

Monster Cable. I know you hate ’em and you’re not planning on reading this post because of that, but these new power centers are kind of neat so I implore you to read on. It’s the hip thing to go green and these latest power centers from Monster Cable will help with that. 


The Monster GreenPower IR Control is featured on the remote-control enabled EPIR 2450, EPIR 3650, and HDP 2550 PowerCenters. Designed for use with home entertainment systems, these PowerCenters let users eliminate stand-by energy waste with their remote control. Each of these PowerCenters features remote controlled outlets that can be completely switched off using any universal learning remote. Users simply plug their HDTV or other energy wasting electronics into these outlets and add the PowerCenter to their remote. They can now use their remote to completely cut power to AV components that would ordinarily use electricity even when their home theater isn’t on. EP IR 2450 has 3 outlets, EP IR 3650 has 4 outlets and HDP IR 2550 has 2 outlets that can be turned on or off by remote control.

The computer power centers work in a similar fashion. 


The MDP 900, MDP 800 and MDP 650 Digital Life™ PowerCenters are geared toward computer use and feature Monster GreenPower Outlet Management that works automatically to eliminate energy waste in connected PC systems. Users simply plug their computer into the GreenPower Control outlet, then plug their additional connected PC peripherals (printer, monitor, scanner, loudspeakers, etc.) into the specially marked Monster GreenPower Controlled outlets. When the computer is turned off or goes to sleep, the other GreenPower outlets automatically switch off, eliminating the energy wasted by peripheral components when they’re not in use. When the computer turns back on, the GreenPower outlets automatically power the peripherals up again. Users can also plug their modem, wireless router, and printer into unswitched outlets to keep their wireless network and printing up and running while the main computer system is off.

See, I told you; kind of neat. To bad the PowerCenters are Monster expensive with the EPIR 2450 going for $499, the EPIR 3650 for $599 and the High Definition IR PowerCenter 2550 for $499.95. PC users can pick up their solutions with the MDP 900 hitting shelves at $129, MDP 800 for $99 and MPD 650 for $69. Alright, thank you for your time and now you can go back to hating the Monster.