Monster Cable thinks you need special cleaner for your iPhone, camera, cell phone, GPS, and laptop

ROFL. More Monster Screen cleaner and is there really a need for an iPhone cleaner, along with a separate cell phone cleaner. Really? Come on. LOL. And dedicated GPS screen cleaner? ROFL. On a personal note, my shirt cleans my Blackberry just fine and I didn’t have to spend the $10 bucks for these monster oils. Moving on….


— Company’s Monster ScreenClean™ Line Now Includes Travel-Size Bottles for Laptop, as well as Camera/Camcorder, Cell Phone/PDA, GPS and Apple iPod®/iPhone Screens —

Denver, CO Sept. 4 , 2008 – Monster, the world’s leading manufacturer of high-end cables, AV accessories, and power conditioning products, today announced it has begun shipping its new improved formula Monster ScreenClean products. The full line now features the latest entry to the ScreenClean family – Monster ScreenClean for Laptop in a smaller-sized bottle designed to fit easily into laptop bags, with super-fine mist specially engineered not to drip.


All ScreenClean products safely and easily clean touch screens without scratching, and all feature antibacterial cleaning cloths enhanced with AEGIS Micro Shield® Technology to not only polish touch screens to crystal clarity but also control potentially harmful bacteria and other micro-organisms.  In addition, the powerful new ScreenClean specialized formula cleaning solution removes grubby fingerprints without streaking and comes in convenient travel-sized portable bottles that fit easily into pockets or small bags. Monster is debuting five new ScreenClean products for use with portable electronics devices including the new laptop version, as well as versions for camera/camcorders, cell phones/PDAs, GPS devices and Apple iPod®/iPhones.


According to Jim Krueger, AEGIS COO: “Monster ScreenClean products were developed with careful consideration of the growing problem posed by disease-causing agents that are prone to exist on portable electronic devices, where the heat-rich environment and constant human handling can create optimum conditions for contamination. Monster’s research in this area has led to the incorporation of the AEGIS Microbe Shield in its ScreenClean products.  The AEGIS Microbe Shield technology is used to protect a variety of surfaces in major hospitals and in sports bags. Monster ScreenClean with AEGIS technology permanently bonds to the surface of the cleaning cloth and inhibits the growth of micro organisms, effectively controlling a broad spectrum of bacteria, fungi, mold, mildew, yeast and other one-celled organisms.”


Said Noel Lee, The Head Monster: “Touch screens have become an integral part of our experience with so many of our portable devices, and maintaining a germ, dirt, dust, and fingerprint-free screen is essential to the safe enjoyment and utility of laptops, digital cameras, cell phones, GPSs, Apple iPods, iPhones and other products. The new Monster ScreenClean products expand on our existing lineup of ScreenClean for use with large-screen TVs and other display devices with new technologies engineered specifically for the portable electronics user.”


Recyclable “Green” Packaging

As part of Monster’s effort to do its part in protecting the environment, the new Monster ScreenClean portable products will come packaged in fully recyclable “green” packaging.


The new line of Monster ScreenClean products are currently available in the following configurations: Monster ScreenClean for Laptop 

Camera and Camcorder, Monster ScreenClean for Cell Phone/PDS, Monster ScreenClean for GPS devices and Monster iClean for iPhone and iPod.. 



 All of these products have a suggested retail price of $9.95.