• Kinect Competitor Gets Cash Infusion

    While most of the talk these days has to do with the Wii-Move-Kinect motion control melee, there are a few third party developers out there who are still doing their own thing. Softkinetic makes motion control development software and a few fitness games that compete with Wii Fit and so on. They’re getting a bit of a bump as a series B fundraising round ends, netting them $10 million to… Read More

  • Tesla Reports Q2 Financials (updated)

    Tesla has released the details of their 2010 Q2 financial performance, and it looks like things are coming up roses for the nascent auto maker. Sales are up, with nearly $27m in sales coming in — translating to a total of around 250 Roadsters shipped. Their gross margins are up, though; their business is growing, and hopefully cash on hand will suffice to pay for R&D and… Read More

  • DLC Is Here To Stay: 20 Million Call Of Duty Map Packs Sold

    If anyone wants to know where to find me, I’ll be in my cave, banging two rocks together. That seems to be the only place for me, since I can’t seem to wrap my head around DLC as a good thing — yet millions have decided to shell out, just recently passing the 20,000,000 sold mark for the Call Of Duty franchise. Congratulations all around, I guess, as they have clearly put out… Read More

  • PC sales data shows growth across the board, Asus surging

    The second quarter PC shipment data from IDC has hit, and it makes for interesting reading. First of all, sales are up all over the place; no one appears to be losing volume, though market share is shifting. The biggest upset has to be Asus, whose astonishing 83.6% growth over last year’s quarter puts it within a nose of overtaking Toshiba as the fifth-largest shipper of PCs in the… Read More

  • Intel: "Best. Quarter. Ever." (punctuation mine)
    Intel has released its financial report for Q2 2010, and things are lookin’ good. I know finances aren’t really the focus of CG, so let’s stick to the interesting bits: Atom sales are up 16% to $413 million (they’re appearing in more than just netbooks) $2.9 billion in net income, i.e. Read More

  • Pitrec: Handheld to digitize business cards

    It’s 2010, and we’re still exchanging printed business cards. There are quite a few solutions to digitize the cards, but most existing scanners, for example, aren’t practical enough. This is where Pitrec [JP], a new handheld for digitizing business cards made by Japanese stationery maker King Jim, comes in. Read More

  • Hey, AMD's doing just fine too! Recession over!

    Yesterday we learned that Intel tore it up during the first quarter of 2010. Good for them, but what about longtime rival AMD? Turns out they’re doing nicely as well, with record quarter revenue and signs of general recovery for the semiconductor business. I won’t get into the details (check the Register) but it looks like the daring footwork done over the last couple years is… Read More

  • Intel busts out best first quarter figures since 1968

    The recession is over! —for the semiconductor industry, at least. Intel has reported monster numbers for its first quarter, showing over $10bn in revenue, a huge jump over last year. Recovery of demand in places like China has driven the numbers, and Intel is happy as a clam — so much so that they’re going to be hiring a thousand or more workers. I’d also guess that… Read More

  • Microsoft sued over Zune HD's buy from radio function

    Patents, patents, everywhere! It seems you can’t swing a cat these days without infringing on someone’s patent. The latest victim/perp is Microsoft; an Illinois doctor is suing them because of a patent he was granted in 2002 which allegedly covers the Zune’s ability to tag a song directly from the radio and then download that song once an internet connection is established. Read More

  • Apple vs. HTC: A grudge match?

    With a list of allegedly infringed patents as long as my arm, Apple could be considered as filing this lawsuit with nothing but the idea of getting what’s rightfully theirs. I imagine that’s true as far as it goes, but there’s a little more to it and I think this conflict may expose even further the cracks that are appearing in our patent and trademark system. Read More

  • It is finished: Panasonic buys Sanyo for $4.6bn

    Woo! It’s finally over with. Panasonic has completed its acquisition of Sanyo, which has been in the works for some time now. Hopefully it’s a good thing for Sanyo, and I’m sure we’ll see Sanyo branding for a long time to come. Just thought you should know. Read More

  • The Ad-Supported World: Ready or not, here it comes

    A few weeks ago, Microsoft made a minor splash by announcing they’d offer an ad-supported version of Microsoft Office. Most of the functionality would be there, but there’d be an ad down there in the corner. A tempest briefly raged in this teapot, but died down once people realized they’d been using ad-supported software for years and never even thought to complain. After… Read More

  • Psystar shuffles its counsel – in other news, that lawsuit is still happening

    Nobody expected that this Apple-Psystar affair would be rapid or easy, but at this point it’s positively interminable. Psystar has just switched out a lawyer, who probably just about keeled over from constantly parrying Apple’s well-founded injunctions against his client’s business. Here’s hoping Mr. Welker takes a well-deserved vacation. Read More

  • How Microsoft will lift us out of the IT-spending dumps

    I was on a panel a few weeks ago with Rob Enderle a few weeks back and he was asked by an international journalist what he expected in terms of financial news in the next few months. He made a very interesting point that, being an Apple fanboy, I ignored at the time. He said that Windows 7 would drive a whole new wave of hardware buying and inflate (in a good way) IT spending. I filed this… Read More

  • iPhone 3G S available through AT&T Premier?

    Word on the web is that Apple’s latest and greatest, the iPhone 3G S has been sporadically popping up on AT&T’s Premier business customer site. A few folks on the MacRumors forums have reported spotting it on the Premier customer site as early as yesterday afternoon, and a few users got very close to putting a preorder in, before being rejected right at the very end. Read More

  • WWDC 2009: Apple gets serious

    So we got the big reveal: a new iPhone, some hidden tricks in Snow Leopard and the iPhone OS, a lot of rumor run-up and, most importantly, a Jobs-less keynote. In the end we saw another incremental keynote, a session of chest-beating (Palm’s “18 Pre apps in its app store” slide got quite a chuckle and I heard a man audibly orgasm when he heard about the compass app) and… Read More

  • Apple loses patent suit, will have to pay $19M

    We hear of so many frivolous and petty lawsuits against (and from) Apple, it’s a bit weird to see one actually connect like this. A serious technical suit filed in 2007 alleged that Apple willfully violated a patent owned by Opti Inc. Apple did it’s darnedest, but in the end got their buns handed to them. Read More

  • What, Apple isn't recession-proof? Everybody panic!

    In news that will surely shake the computer world to its very core, it has been revealed that Apple has shipped less computers this last year than the previous one. Mother of God. We may as well all just surrender to oblivion. Read More

  • DevTeam has an iPhone 3.0 jailbreak but you can't have it – yet

    There are two sets of combatants in the long war of attrition called the iPhone Unlock Conflict. The newest battle is over the latest firmware, 3.0, and it’s starting to show how these two parties, the Dev Team and the Unofficial QuickPwn Hackers, are entering a new stage of conflict. Jailbreaking, for those not in the know, is the process of unlocking the iPhone’s filesystem in… Read More

  • Re-Rumor: SanDisk to be bought out by either Samsung or Toshiba

    Sandisk may be the target of yet another buy out attempt. Rumors are starting to go around again that both Samsung and Toshiba are looking to make an attempt. Analysts are skeptical, but no one knows anything for sure as none of the companies involved wanted to comment. Read More

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