Dutchie launches new cannabis point of sale platform with its own dual-screen register

Dutchie today is announcing a new cannabis point of sale platform, including a dual-screen terminal for dispensaries. Called Dutchie POS, this comes just weeks after the company announced a new payment platform, Dutchie Pay.

With Dutchie POS and Dutchie Pay, the cannabis tech company is now offering cannabis operators one of the most comprehensive platforms to manage dispensaries. The new point of sale system serves the budtender and customer alike. The budtender’s view is customizable and features front-of-house functions to improve customer interactions while still handling inventory management and reporting regulatory compliance information.

Ross and Zach Lipson co-founded Dutchie in 2017 and have raised $603 million to date. The company was valued at $3.75 billion as of its raise in November 2021. Dutchie now employs around 700 people.

Zach Lipson spoke to TechCrunch ahead of the Dutchie POS launch, saying this solution is built to accommodate dispensaries of all sizes. “It’s intuitive and simple enough for SMBs and mid-market retailers, but can also flex up to the enterprise-level dispensaries and MSOs.”

Dutchie started working on this platform in 2021, and Lipson says it began with serious due diligence. He says the company spoke to “literally hundreds” of retailers to get insights. The company also acquired Greenbits and Leaflogix to jumpstart the point of sale platform development.

“The premise is we wanted to offer the best of both worlds with Leaflogix and Greenbits,” Lipson said. “And that looks like a combination of power, robust configurability, and that’s something Leaflogix’s did really well. We were constantly hearing retailers’ feedback that they wanted the technology to conform to their operations and essentially get out of the way.”

According to Lipson, the point-of-sale platform offers retailers an integrated, cohesive experience that’s fully customizable to the retailer’s standard operating procedures. “This is absolutely critical,” he said. “There are so many different ways that operators run their dispensaries. And with the constraints they have, it’s really important that they build in the operational efficiencies.”

The new hardware terminal is critical to Dutchie’s point of sale offering. There are two screens: The customer gets a 10-inch screen while the budtender works with a 15-inch screen.

“The customer-facing display holds a lot of power,” Lipson said. “We’ve seen this in other retail environments from local coffee shops or traditional retail, but they’re not here in cannabis yet. So this is something we’re super excited about, and we will do a lot with that customer-facing display in the near future.”

Dutchie is launching this Dutchie POS nationwide and in Canada. The platform is sold through a SaaS offering, and pricing varies per usage.