Brinc launches new program for climate tech startups

Brinc, the Hong Kong–based accelerator backed by investors like Animoca Brands, is launching a new program for fledgling climate tech startups. The three-month program is tailored for founders who a

Brinc’s Lemur 2 straps on blue strobes and is ready for action

Drone developer Brinc today showed off its newest drone, designed to help cops and others who care about public safety do their jobs from a safe distance. The new quadcopter is called Lemur 2 and is t

Hong Kong accelerator Brinc raises $30M Series B

I’ve visited Brinc’s headquarters the last few times I’ve been to Hong Kong, and been impressed with the range of different startups the accelerator works with. I knew the organization primary t

Meet the startups from Brinc’s first online Demo Day

Like other accelerators, Brinc hasn’t let 2020 get in the way of its program for early-stage startups. The firm is known for focusing on food technology, health tech, clean energy and hardware, and

Kibus is like a Keurig for your pet

In a pitch during a recent meeting at Brinc’s Hong Kong headquarters, the Barcelona-based team behind Kibus Petcare was quick to point out that most millennials consider pets “a member of the fami

Silentmode’s PowerMask is a $200 connected relaxation mask

I barely slept my second night at Chunking Mansions. The loud neighbors, the hot Hong Kong air, the landlord banging on the door after midnight: None of these things are particularly conducive to a pe