boba fett

  • Bring Me Boba Fett's Head…Phones

    While Boba Fett obviously has an air of “danger and mystery,” did you know that he also enjoyed Jazz and early Dixieland? That’s right: Jango Fett, whose real name was Bruce Fitzgerald Fett and was born in Aukland, wasn’t called Jango for nothing (he dropped the silent D because they didn’t have that particular consonant combination on his adopted planet of… Read More

  • This Is a Boba Fett Spartan Helmet

    This is a Boba Fett Spartan Helmet. No, you can’t have one. The guy who made the helmets for 300 painted this one to look like the Boba Fett helmet in Return of the Jedi. You will see nothing cooler than this today nor would you even want to. Read More

  • Boba Fett helmet for your Star Wars-loving mom

    Does your mom like to wear helmets? Does she want to be a bounty hunter? Does her dad have millions of clones? Then you’re going to want to hook her up with this $45 Boba Fett helmet. Read More

  • Crunchdeals: 50% off Mark Ecko Star Wars apparel

    Time to let your geek flag fly, on the cheap! is offering a really great 50% off deal on it’s Star Wars line, with some stuff as cheap at $14.95. Shipping starts at $5.95, but if you go nuts and spend over $100 you’ll get it for free. Now’s your chance to get that Boba Fett hoodie you’ve always wanted! Read More

  • Marc Ecko's Boba Fett hoodie

    What do you get when a ghetto fashion icon gets drunk one night, watches the entire Star Wars trilogy and stays up into the night designing a hoodie? Boba Fett done downright ugly. Some would say that this atrocious piece of clothing resembles the Star Wars bounty hunter. I say it resembles that of a homeless man’s attire. Ether way, you know you want it. Ecko is making other Star… Read More