• The U.S. Navy is using drone boat swarms to keep harbors safe

    The U.S. Navy is using drone boat swarms to keep harbors safe

    The U.S. Navy is testing a team of drone boats to protect harbors here and abroad. The boats, which are basically autonomous versions of the Rigid Hull Inflatable, are connected to a AI routing system called CARACaS. In original 2014 tests the boats worked separately to protect ships in a harbor and the new routing system now allows them to swarm as a team to surround and neutralize… Read More

  • Hybrid Motoryacht Design Powered By Diesel And Electric Jet Skis

    Hybrid cars have been around for a while, but one German grad student is taking the concept to the water. A new hybrid propulsion motorboat designed by Stefanie Behringer, would reduce drag thanks to its three-hull, or trimaran, form. A jet ski attaches to either side of the main hull, helping stabilize the boat. While the jet skis are electric-powered, the 49-foot long watercraft is also… Read More

  • New device brings wireless Internet to boats

    We have Internet access in planes now (Virgin America offers it in the US, for example), so why not on boats? That’s what one of Japan’s biggest telecommunications companies, KDDI, thought and now gives us a device that will allow ship passengers to enjoy wireless broadband Internet while being out on the water. Read More

  • Raymarine: Boat Equipment For The Cribs Set

    Sure you’ve got a GPS onboard your boat (you HAVE a boat, right?), but chances are your yacht is missing a satellite-fed HDTV and digital fishfinder. I recently caught wind of the produce line from New Hampshire-based Raymarine, which makes pretty much everything you need to make your fishing tugboat into something Cribs-worthy. Highlight: a wearable pendant that goes “Beep… Read More