The U.S. Navy is using drone boat swarms to keep harbors safe

The U.S. Navy is testing a team of drone boats to protect harbors here and abroad. The boats, which are basically autonomous versions of the Rigid Hull Inflatable, are connected to a AI routing system

Hybrid Motoryacht Design Powered By Diesel And Electric Jet Skis

<img class="snap_nopreview shot" src="" alt="" /> Hybrid cars have been around for a while, but one German grad student is taking th

New device brings wireless Internet to boats

<img src="" /> We have Internet access in planes now (<a href="

Raymarine: Boat Equipment For The Cribs Set

Sure you’ve got a GPS onboard your boat (you HAVE a boat, right?), but chances are your yacht is missing a satellite-fed HDTV and digital fishfinder. I recently caught wind of the produce line f