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The Yeti X brings real-time level monitoring to the popular USB mic

It’s clear why Logitech bought Blue back in July 2018. The Southern Californian audio company (an acronym for “Baltic Latvian Universal Electronics,” incidentally) has become synonymous with USB

Blue shrinks down its most popular mic for the $99 Yeti Nano

Blue is about to become a part of the much larger Logitech. For now, however, the company is going to keep focusing on what it does best: creating low-cost USB microphones for novice podcasters. This

Logitech is buying Blue Microphones

Logitech today announced its intention to acquire Blue Microphones, the hardware company behind popular podcasting microphones like the Yeti and Snowball. It’s a pretty logical acquisition, as far a

Blue debuts wireless headphones with a built-in amp and noise canceling

I was a bit cautious when Blue debuted its first set of headphones. I’m not sure why, exactly, but it’s always hard to say how a company known for something specific will transition into a new –

Blue’s latest podcasting mic goes super portable

Blue Raspberry brings to mind Slurpees as much as anything. The name of Blue Microphone’s latest offering is seeming an homage to its longstanding Blueberry condenser mic, but then, between the Snow

Blue’s Yeti USB mic will ship with a copy of ‘Watchdogs 2’ for some reason

I’ve always considered Blue’s USB microphones a podcasting tool — and I suspect Blue has, as well. They’re easy to use, they sound good and they’re affordable. Heck, I recorded my bit of

Blue Releases A New Set Of Headphones

I’m a big fan of the Blue Mo-Fi headphones. They sounds great and I can wear them all day. But they’re too large to travel and have a built-in preamp, which requires recharging. Enter the

Blue Microphone Styled By Dr. Dre Takes Center Stage On American Idol

<img src="" /> Blue makes some <a href="

Blue Microphones' Mikey For Flip: The Add-On Mic That Your Flip Camera Desperately Needs

<img src="" />This should fix one issue I've always had with <a HREF="">Flip</a> (and Flip-like) camera