Blue’s Yeti USB mic will ship with a copy of ‘Watchdogs 2’ for some reason

I’ve always considered Blue’s USB microphones a podcasting tool — and I suspect Blue has, as well. They’re easy to use, they sound good and they’re affordable. Heck, I recorded my bit of the last TechCrunch podcast on a Snowball.

The mics have also made a splash in the gaming community, presumably for all of the reasons mentioned above. To really drive the point home, Blue is teaming up with Ubisoft to bundle Watchdogs 2 with the Blackout version of its excellent Yeti mic.

No word on exact timing, only that the bundle is coming in the next couple of months, priced the same as the standalone version of the USB microphone. At the very least, it should be out just in time for the holiday shopping season.