Blue debuts wireless headphones with a built-in amp and noise canceling

I was a bit cautious when Blue debuted its first set of headphones. I’m not sure why, exactly, but it’s always hard to say how a company known for something specific will transition into a new – albeit related – category. Turns out there was really nothing to worry about.

Like the company’s various microphones, all of its headphone offerings have been pretty stellar so far. The Mo-Fi are super comfortable, look good and deliver excellent sound courtesy of a built-in amp. The Lola, meanwhile, did most of the same and at $100 less.

Naturally, the company’s getting into the wireless world along with just about everyone else. Blue’s using CES to show off the Satellite, which brings the aforementioned built-in amp along for the ride coupled with 44mm drivers in each ear- there are separate noise-canceling drivers in each cup as well.

The headphones’ footprint is slimmed down from the original model, and folds up for added portability – as one hopes from a pair of Bluetooth cans. The headphones will debut at the show, but there’s still some unanswered questions, including pricing, availability – and, perhaps most importantly of all, how long the company expects the rechargeable batteries to last, giving the inclusion of the on-board amp.

Blue’s also using the show to unveil two new wired pairs — the Ella planar magnetic and the Sadie, the successor to the original Mo-Fi, which feature 50mm drivers.