Blue Releases A New Set Of Headphones

I’m a big fan of the Blue Mo-Fi headphones. They sounds great and I can wear them all day. But they’re too large to travel and have a built-in preamp, which requires recharging. Enter the Lola. This little set of cans sounds like a perfect lower-cost alternative to the Mo-Fi.

The Lola headphones are slightly smaller thanks in part to the lack of built-in preamp. Thankfully they still rock the clever hinge system that makes the Mo-Fi headphones sit so comfortably but the whole mechanism is a bit smaller this time around. Inside the headphones are the small 50mm drivers found in the Mo-Fi headphones.

The Lola headphones will hit retailers in November at $250, which is $100 less than its big brother. This places the new set in line with basic models from Beats and others where it should set itself apart from the rest thanks to the innovative and attractive construction.