Turning your toys into robots with Circuit Cubes

Circuit Cubes creates little blocks that bring life to your LEGOs, Mega Bloks, things found in the r

Blocks hopes to court enterprise customers with its modular smartwatch

As we noted earlier this week, the mere fact that Blocks was able to bring its modular smartwatch system to market feels like a minor miracle. The company appears to have not taken the easy route in a

Blocks, the modular smartwatch, is available now for $259

Kickstarter projects are always a crapshoot. Blocks’ modular smartwatch had a been of a leg up, in that the company had an actual working product to show to people — but even so, the device always

Roli adds a new Lightpad to its Blocks modular music system

Roli’s Blocks are one of the most compelling products I’ve seen out of a hardware startup in the past year. The modular system is a unique take on music making by the company that gave the world t

Roli brings the rubbery Seaboard piano to its modular Blocks system

London-based Roli has created two of the most compelling music-making devices in recent memory. It was a no-brainer, really, that the company would eventually bridge the gap between the two. Roli’s

LinkedIn is now officially blocked in Russia

Amid a tense stand-off and attempt at negotiations, Russia’s communications regulator Roskomnadzor has started to enforce a proposed block of LinkedIn in the country, after the social network

Blocks’ Modular Smartwatch Designs Teased In New Video

One of the more interesting wearables lining up to challenge the Apple Watch next year is Blocks, a modular smartwatch conceived by a couple of students from Imperial College in the U.K. -- in turn in

Buildies Cardboard Blocks Are, You Know, For Kids

Urbana-based creator Brian Lilly has designed and built something every kid will enjoy: massive, stackable blocks called <a target="_blank" href="

Inspired By Google’s Project Ara, A U.K. Team Is Now Working On A Modular Smartwatch

Meet the wannabe modular smartwatch that intends to offer a fully customisable wearable experience, by allowing the user to choose which sensors and features make sense for their wrist -- whether it's

LEGO-like calendar can be reshaped any which way

This product is not for me. Since the relatively widespread adoption of electronic calendars, I’ve sworn off old-school calendars for good. I was the guy with the calendar hanging on the wall that s