LEGO-like calendar can be reshaped any which way


This product is not for me. Since the relatively widespread adoption of electronic calendars, I’ve sworn off old-school calendars for good. I was the guy with the calendar hanging on the wall that showed the same month for three years straight. Apparently, pulling a thumbtack out of the wall, flipping a page, and then reinserting the aforementioned thumbtack back into the wall was far too much work for me.

So you can imagine how I’d handle a calendar made of LEGO-like blocks that would need to be entirely rebuilt each month. Oh, the hilarity! I’d set it up for the first month and yada, yada, yada, that…is…it.

For those of you with more patience and diligence, $9.99 seems a small price to pay for such a wonderful doodad. You get “77 tiles with dates, days, blanks and icons to describe your month.”

Puzzle Calendar []