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Nexon takes 20-year-old MapleStory into web3 with Haechi’s help

Nexon, one of the biggest gaming companies in the world, is wading into web3 like some of its peers in Asia. The developer of MapleStory is creating a blockchain-powered ecosystem based on the 20-year

Magic Eden exec sees NFT gaming like the ‘early days of mobile gaming’

The chief gaming officer at NFT marketplace Magic Eden sees the traditional and web gaming worlds coming together.

Magic creator Richard Garfield on why he put a paper game on the blockchain

Richard Garfield is a name familiar to many in the tabletop gaming world, most notably as one of the creators of Magic: The Gathering, the most prominent trading card game out there. But Garfield is d

Despite blockchain gaming’s play-to-earn angle, I prefer to pay

I can't get that hyped about blockchain gaming — I want to have fun, not monetize my experience.