• Alternative Search Engine Blekko Launches Major Redesign In Effort To Go Beyond The Usual 10 Blue Links

    Alternative Search Engine Blekko Launches Major Redesign In Effort To Go Beyond The Usual 10 Blue Links

    Blekko, the alternative search engine that launched back in 2010, unveiled a major redesign today that uses some of its “slashtag” technology to help users go beyond the usual ten blue links on its competitors search results pages. Blekko now automatically breaks its results down into different categories of curated content. Say you are searching for “wine,” the… Read More

  • Now You Can Embed ROCKZi’s Socially Curated News Pages On Your Own Website

    Now You Can Embed ROCKZi’s Socially Curated News Pages On Your Own Website

    ROCKZi, the social news service launched in July by search startup Blekko, has released a new feature allowing users to embed their “news boards” on other websites. VP of Marketing Mike Markson describes this as a way for people to showcase their knowledge in a given field, without actually having to constantly hunt down new content. For example, EarthEcho, the  environmental… Read More

  • Blekko Launches ROCKZi, a Social News Site to Complement Its Search Engine

    Blekko Launches ROCKZi, a Social News Site to Complement Its Search Engine

    Even though Digg was once known as the next big thing in social news site, it was torn down and sold in small pieces. Yet, part of the concept still lives on. The search engine Blekko just launched ROCKZi, a visually compelling way to consume and interact with the fresh content that users care about the most. After selecting the category that you want to read (Geekery, The BiZ, Glitterati…)… Read More

  • Search Engine Blekko Raises $30 Million From Russian Search Giant Yandex And Others

    Search Engine Blekko Raises $30 Million From Russian Search Giant Yandex And Others

    Search engine Blekko has raised $30 million in new funding Yandex, MLC Private Equity, and existing investors U.S. Venture Partners, CMEA Capital and PivotNorth Capital (Ashton Kutcher is also a previous investor). This brings Blekko’s total funding to $55 million. Yandex’s CEO Arkady Volozh will join Blekko’s board. Blekko launched last year as the shiny new search engine… Read More

  • Blekko Gets An Infographic

    Since I am our resident steward of infographics I figured I might as well highlight the creation of the very first Blekko infographic (below), brought to you by our friends over at Cognitive SEO. CLICK THROUGH FOR FOURTEEN THINGS YOU DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT BLEKKO … Read More

  • Blekko Partners With Foodily On Recipe Search

    After announcing its Zorro visual revamp and its Three Search Engine Monte challenge, Blekko is announcing today that it’s partnered with recipe search engine Foodily in order to curate its recipe search results. As of today. users who search on Blekko for things like Kale Chips or Grilled Fennel will tap into the Foodily community’s curation for foodie-related slashtags like… Read More

  • Be The Mark In Blekko's 3 Engine Monte

    Search engine Blekko is pretty excited about their new Zorro launch that I just wrote about. All new design, a move from red to blue links and a general declutterfication is just the shiny stuff on top. Underneath there’s a new web index and they’re really putting those slashtags to work – about 1,000 of them are now auto-added to appropriate results pages. But enough… Read More

  • Slash Through Spam With Blekko's Zorro Update!

    Slash Through Spam With Blekko's Zorro Update!

    Ok, I got a little over excited in the title. But the new version of search engine Blekko, called Zorro and launching right now, is pretty cool. There have been big improvements visually. Gone are the red links of the previous version along with most of the left sidebar clutter. In fact, that left sidebar is gone and has been replaced with small icons next to search results to tell you what… Read More

  • Search Contrarian Blekko's Next Move: Limiting Its User Data Retention To 48 Hours

    Search engine Blekko, ever eager to differentiate itself and make headlines with its countless product development advances, is announcing today that it will reduce its data retention period to 48 hours, retaining far less user personal information (like IP addresses) than the the dominant players in the space. For comparison, competitors Google and Yahoo are currently at 18 months of user… Read More

  • Would You Like A Slashtag With That? Blekko Begins Powering Topix Search

    Topix, the largely under-the-radar platform for local news, information, and influence, has been aggregating local news and community discussions for nearly 7 years. Over this time, the platform has quietly grown to over 13 million monthly visitors, according to Quantcast. It’s now aggregating local content from more than 50K sources and offers more than 360K edited news pages. Topix… Read More

  • Human-Curated Search Engine Blekko Adds Facebook Comments To Its Search Results

    Ever since its launch in November 2010, Blekko has been on a mission to eliminate spam and content farms from search results. The human-curated search engine, which is also known both for using actual mammals to edit search results and for its employ of slashtags for easy categorization, announced in March that it had banned over 1 million spammy domain names from its results. Using a new… Read More

  • Blekko Bans 1.1 Million Spammy Domains Via New Algorithm

    Search engine Blekko says they’ve banned some 1.1 million spammy domain names from their search results. The banned domains are the result of a new algorithm the company has developed that looks at both poor quality content as well as the types of ads that the domains include along with the content. It’s part of their ongoing war, they say, against content farm and other very… Read More

  • Blekko Now Offers 'Blekkogear' Publisher Tools: Badges, Widgets, And Toolbars, Oh My!

    Search engine Blekko is taking its initiative to insert itself into the news as much as possible one step further today, and is launching a Blekkogear hub for its publishing tools, presenting a suite of search-related iframe embeds (sorry WordPress users!) for publishers as well as its already existing toolbar and other goodies. Instead of coming up with its own version of Google Analytics… Read More

  • The Age Of Relevance

    The Age Of Relevance

    What’s the Next Big Thing after social networking? This has been a favorite topic of much speculation among tech enthusiasts for many years. I think we are already witnessing a paradigm shift – a move away from simple social sharing towards personalized, relevant content. The key element of the next big thing is the increasing significance of the Interest Graph to complement the… Read More

  • What I Want in My New Google

    I sent my first e-mail message in 1995, to a member of my development team. That was the only person I knew who had an e-mail address in those days.  I also did my first web search around that time. I think I used Lycos for this. I entered some keywords into a text box, separated by Boolean operators, and received a list of web pages that I could click on that referenced these… Read More

  • Search Still Sucks

    Search Still Sucks

    A decade ago I tried Google for the first time. Like everyone said, it was magic – the result I wanted was right there at the top. For someone who’d been using AltaVista for years before that it was a very pleasant experience. Anyone who was on the Internet before Google came along knows exactly what I’m talking about. Google just felt right. It got the job done. It’s… Read More

  • Search Underdog Blekko Sees Over 30M Searches In January, More Than 110K Slashtags Created Since Launch

    Nowhere has the need for a more diverse search market been more apparent than this week’s revelation that Bing was cribbing Google’s notes. While Microsoft VP Harry Shum and Google’s Matt Cutts squabbled on a panel together at the Farsight 2011 conference, Blekko CEO Rich Skrenta looked on, more a human symbol of the call for greater market diversity than anything… Read More

  • How Google Ambushed Microsoft and Changed the Subject

    How Google Ambushed Microsoft and Changed the Subject

    I wrote about the epic battles that are brewing between spammers and content farms—which are turning the web into a massive garbage dump—and search providers, which have to choose between profit and customer satisfaction. This is a serious problem. The content farms are “dumbing down” the web by churning out thousands of mostly low-quality articles, every day, on… Read More

  • Blekko Takes Curated Search Mobile With iPhone And Android Apps

    Blekko, the search engine that is fighting the good fight against web spam with human editors, is joining biggies Google and Bing in the mobile search arena today with an Android and iPhone application double whammy. Says Blekko CEO Rich Skrenta, “In a world where people want the most relevant answers on the go, mobile search is becoming increasingly more significant.” Read More

  • The Future of Search: Who Will Win The Spam Wars?

    Sometimes, all it takes is a little spark to set off a major forest fire. That is what seems to have happened with my New Year’s Day post on Why We Desperately Need a New (and Better) Google. Over the last two months, there has been an avalanche of articles echoing my post, including New York Magazine, Business Insider, GigaOm, TechCrunch, CNN, and The Wall Street Journal. I had a… Read More