Blekko Partners With Foodily On Recipe Search

After announcing its Zorro visual revamp and its Three Search Engine Monte challenge, Blekko is announcing today that it’s partnered with recipe search engine Foodily in order to curate its recipe search results.

As of today. users who search on Blekko for things like Kale Chips or Grilled Fennel will tap into the Foodily community’s curation for foodie-related slashtags like /recipe /nocarbs or /glutenfree, providing people with a curated result as well as insight into what recipes their friends like using Blekko’s slashtag technology and Facebook integration.

“Foodily’s mission is to help everyone find the food they want and love, and share it with their social circle. We’re excited to play a role in helping Blekko searchers find great resources on food, cooking and recipes,” said Foodily CEO Andrea Cutright, in a release.

Funded to the tune of $24 million by Ron Conway, Mike Maples, Marc Andreesen and others, Blekko currently has over a 100K slashtags, aiming to provide users with a more relevant search experience. Narrowly targeting vertical search by partnering up with interest-based communities is an interesting strategy, as indeed there are sometimes riches in niches.