Blekko Takes Curated Search Mobile With iPhone And Android Apps

Blekko, the search engine that is fighting the good fight against web spam with human editors, is joining biggies Google and Bing in the mobile search arena today with an Android and iPhone application double whammy. Says Blekko CEO Rich Skrenta, “In a world where people want the most relevant answers on the go, mobile search is becoming increasingly more significant.”

The app has a simple interface which allows you to view search results whether or not you are logged in with your Blekko account. With the exception of Facebook integration, the app pretty much provides the gamut of features found on Blekko itself, most notably the ability to search by /slashtag or curated topic. Results are sorted by most relevant and by date.

The app also offers suggested slashtags for each search at the top when you scroll down on a search. For Blekko power users, an interface with the buried treasure features of “Mark as Spam,””View SEO info,””Add to Slashtags” and “Open in Safari” can be accessed by clicking on the arrow next to each individual result in your search and then clicking on the box/arrow icon in the bottom right corner to reveal further options (see the image on the right, above).

Blekko, which boasts more than 100,000 slashtags created after its launch in November, has raised $24 million from VC superstars like Ron Conway, Mike Maples, Jeff Clavier and Marc Andreessen and most recently actual superstars like Ashton Kutcher.

As of today the app is free in the App Store and Android Market.