Shadow launches its cloud computer for gamers in the UK

French startup Blade, the company behind Shadow, is launching its cloud gaming service in the U.K. Just like in the U.S., the company is starting with a pre-sale before accepting all customers. For

Shadow launches its cloud computer for gamers in California

French startup Blade, the company behind Shadow, is about to expand its cloud gaming service to the U.S. Customers who live in California can pre-order starting today, and they’ll be able to access

Shadow upgrades its cloud computer for gamers and opens signups to everyone

French startup Blade, the company behind Shadow, announced at a press conference that it is launching new offers, updating specifications and the ability to become a client and buy a subscription with

Shadow raises $57 million for its cloud computing service for gamers

French startup Shadow, also known as Blade, just raised a Series A round of $57.1 million (€51 million). Shadow thinks your next computer is going to be in a data center. Your existing phones, lapto

Your next computer could be in a data center

Most of the apps on your phone already rely on a server component to store and process your data. When you post a video on Facebook, it gets re-encoded into multiple formats on the server so that othe

Backed By $4 Million, Bevy Debuts A Photo And Video Storage Solution The Whole Family Can Share

Families today often have more photo-taking devices than family members, which has led to the problem of people having massive numbers of photos and videos, none of which are properly organized and

Kayak Co-Founder Raises $20M For Design-Focused Incubator, Blade

Kayak co-founder Paul English is revealing more details about his Boston-based startup incubator, <a target="_blank" href="">Blade</a>. The new company has raised $20 million in new f

Meet The New Blade, Razer’s Gaming Laptop With A Serious Screen

Razer has built a number of Blade laptops, including an early, massive 17-inch device that cost $2,800. In 2013, Razer released a thin, 14 inch laptop that still contained impressive gaming guts. B

Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan Shows Us Project Fiona And The Blade Notebook

We couldn't go to CES and <em>not</em> see what Razer had on display, and fortunately, CEO Min-Liang Tan was on hand to take us on a quick tour through the company's booth. In between talking about th

Prepare Your Wallets: Razer’s “Blade” Gaming Laptop To Ship Soon

You know what? 2011 has been a long year. With only a few more weeks to go until we ring in 2012, why not treat yourself to something <del datetime="2011-12-08T15:53:49+00:00">nice</del> completely ri

Toshiba Releases "Blade-Type" SSD Modules Up To 256GB

While I doubt the MacBook Air will render her secrets very willingly, you can, with a little effort, upgrade your SSD modules using Toshiba’s 2.2mm mSATA chips. The chips, called the Blade X-gal

IBM Buys Data Center Switching Company BLADE Network Technologies For $400M

<img src="" class="shot2" /> <a href="">IBM</a> today <a href="

Exclusive first look at the Viliv S10 Blade

Laptops are becoming smaller and smaller and after we saw and lusted after the Sony Z series we were curious how the new Viliv S10 would perform. First off, it looks great. It’s very slim and th

The Viliv S10 breaks cover sporting Windows 7, 10 hour battery life

<img src="">Well don't I feel like a chump. Here I am, chilling with what I thought was <a href="

Confessions of the Knife: Samsung Revisits the Blade

I was locked in an unforgiving contract through the RAZR-fad so thankfully, unlike Gavin, I was never swept in the fray. Despite never owning one, it was impossible not to notice the now-ubiquitous-ph