Kayak Co-Founder Raises $20M For Design-Focused Incubator, Blade

Kayak co-founder Paul English is revealing more details about his Boston-based startup incubator, Blade. The new company has raised $20 million in new funding from Accel and General Catalyst (both firms backed Kayak back in the day).

English tells us that the incubator will be “co-founding” a few companies with entrepreneurs per year, giving them around $500,000 to $1 million in seed funding. First, English wants to focus on helping founders implement consumer design principles. He, and his Blade co-founders Bill O’Donnell (former Chief Architect and SVP of mobile products at Kayak) and Paul Schwenk (former SVP of Engineering at Kayak) will also will be working on helping CEOs recruit talent, and helping with further fundraising.

Blade’s co-working space itself, is highly interactive, adds English. The office serves as a startup foundry during the day and actually turns into a private club at night for artists, designers, developers, and entrepreneurs.

Blade has already three investments in companies, including two in-stealth startups building software for the university market.