• Priority Cycles’ latest Kickstarter is the Coast, a rust-proof surf bike

    Priority Cycles’ latest Kickstarter is the Coast, a rust-proof surf bike

    This past week I made it my mission to see what was going on in downtown Manhattan. A well-timed email here, a hastily caught train there, and I found myself at the headquarters of Priority Cycles — a NYC-based bicycle startup that got its wheels on Kickstarter back in 2014. Read More

  • Vanhawks Raises $1.6M To Help Put The Valour Smartbike On The Road

    Vanhawks Raises $1.6M To Help Put The Valour Smartbike On The Road

    Smartbike startup Vanhawks, part of the Y Combinator Winter 2015 class, has raised $1.6 million from Real Ventures, Olympic triathlon gold medallist Simon Whitfield, Brenda Irwin of Relentless Pursuit partners and various angels. The company will use the funding to help deliver its Valour smartbike, which raised over $820,000 on Kickstarter last year, to its first customers starting this spring. Read More

  • Me-Mover Step-Powered Stand-Up Bike Gets Funded On Kickstarter

    Me-Mover Step-Powered Stand-Up Bike Gets Funded On Kickstarter

    Move over Segway, there’s a new stand-up personal transporter in town. Or there will be come August when the first machines are scheduled to ship to Kickstarter backers. More than 200 users of the crowdfunding website have pledged funds to Me-Mover, a Danish project to rethink the bike as a stand-up exerciser on wheels. Read More

  • FlyKly Electric Bikes Are Coming To San Francisco

    FlyKly Electric Bikes Are Coming To San Francisco

    Electric bike maker FlyKly is bringing its stylish, powerful and eco-friendly bikes to San Francisco after having a blowout launch in New York earlier this summer. The company, which opened up shop on June 20th, sold out its entire stock of bikes in July at a pop-up store in Soho. Now, the bikes are being made available in San Francisco. Read More

  • Brainy Bike Will Tweet Its Feelings

    Meet Precious. Precious will ride from the Atlantic to the Pacific, Tweeting his stats along the way and making assessments over time including comments on the weather, hilliness of the terrain, and speed. Why? Because it can. You can follow the old boy over here and he and his riders are raising money for Livestrong. You can donate here. Read More

  • VW rolls out folding electric bicycle

    Volkswagen just announced their latest gadget, the Bik.e – a folding electric bicycle designed to fit in the trunk of your car, in the space currently taken up by your spare tire. With a maximum range of 12.5 miles, I question whether it would be a good spare tire replacement, but I still like it. It is interesting to see a company like Volkswagen get into the electric bicycle… Read More

  • Taga: Bike to stroller in 20 seconds

    Party people put your hands in the air because Taga wants you to know that their stroller/bike system is rockin’ the block. The company has been flogging their transforming bike for about a year now but it looks like they’re finally shipping in the US for $1,495 (!!!). As Treehugger notes, the video shows a sporty mom in a town with wide paths and few cars suggesting this might be… Read More

  • DIY: Flat pack scooters and bike

    I’m not sure exactly how useful these things are, but as a concept they are definitely cool. Flat pack furniture, sure. But I’m not so sure about flat pack vehicles, these look like they might have some structural issues. Read More

  • Recharge your gadgets with your bike

    If you have a dynamo generator-equipped bike, $100, and a USB-powered gadget that needs charged, Dahon has a doodad called the BioLogic FreeCharge coming out in March that just might interest you. It basically grabs the power you generate while pedaling and outputs it via USB cable, allowing you to keep your phone juiced up along that 100-mile bike ride you’re always talking about… Read More

  • Video: The Contortionist is a truly portable bike

    It doesn’t take much to understand just how innovative and usefully this one-off bike could be for so many people. It was created by a 24-year old who wanted a bike that could pack up into a small package but could find one to buy. So he made the Contortionist and it might net him £10,000 in the James Dyson Award for Innovation. Read More

  • Do not ride a bike down 8 Mile with Joyrider LEDs; you will die

    There is absolute no way on this green earth that I would ride a bike with these LEDs on any street with the exception of maybe a deserted Montana road or in a sleepy Vermont town. Sure, the LED-powered wheels might bring a smile to some folks, but somehow I don’t think everyone is going to be smiling with you. The images come from a single LED device, dubbed the… Read More

  • DIY Speed-Vest

    Aimed at safety, the Speed-Vest displays how bad-ass you are on a two-wheel’d steed. The numbers are displayed via electro-luminescent wire controlled by an open-source embedded ‘puter. With a little stitching and soldering, everything is attached to the vest’s back panel. The makers claim the whole thing can run up to 6 hours on a single AA battery. Want your own, build… Read More

  • James Perse gadgetless beach cruiser bike

    Forgive us. This post won’t highlight something made out of carbon fiber or have LED lights. No micro-processor or iPhone crap. Nope. Just a classic vintage-style beach cruiser. We don’t know the price, and we don’t care. Just look at the bike. Classy. Single speed. Semi-clunky. Gorgeous. Just steel, rubber, and leather make up the beach cruiser. The James Perse Cruiser… Read More

  • DIY "Porteur" rack

    Perfect for paper boys or urban dwellers, this crafty porteur rack only looks like a 3-beer project. Really, all the rack consists of are metal shelf supports and some elbow grease. The shelve supports should provide ample support while not weighing down the front of the bike too much. Hopefully with this DIY solution, a few more bike messengers can save some coin as their jobs are quickly… Read More

  • ‘Mowercycle’ looks pretty sweet, though it still doesn’t make me want to mow the lawn

    Know what’s great about owning a home? Nothing. Just ask me, I used to own one. In retrospect, I should have just bought a gigantic hole and a cheap shovel and set aside a weekend to scoop five years worth of my money in there. Anyhoo, one of my least favorite things to do as a homeowner was mow the grass (a close second after shoveling). While this Mowercycle certainly would have eased… Read More

  • Cell-phone activated bike stun gun

    Naked man? Check. A bunch of crap on a table? Check. A rambling description of a project that seems a bit to complex to work? Check. Five minutes of your life that could have been more efficiently spent? Check. A fairly cool idea if it works? Check. Read More

  • Panasonic presents electric bike recharging its battery via the braking system

    Last week Panasonic presented [JP] a new electric bicycle to be released on the Japanese market on August 20. The so-called Vivi RX 10-S will cost $1,400. Panasonic hasn’t said yet whether they will bring the bicycle to overseas markets as well. The bike’s main feature is a braking system that can recharge a 10Ah Li-ion secondary battery, which weighs 2.5kg, has a rated voltage of 26… Read More

  • Oh puh-lease: A treadmill bike? Get the hell outta here

    I’m going to go on record and say that this is fake. Sure, there’s a product page that appears to be selling it for $2500, Canadian, and sure, it’s got some customer reviews, but I refuse to believe it’s an actual product. It’s too dumb. Plus, watch the above video. Why can’t anyone finish a sentence without smirking and/or laughing? Anyway have fun with… Read More

  • Magic Wheel is like a broken bike skateboard thing

    I…don’t get it. That doesn’t matter, though, because I bet we’ll start seeing these things all over the place. It’s called the “Magic Wheel” and it appears to basically be a bike wheel with a smaller rotating caster wheel attached to it. The top of the bike wheel features a seat of some type that looks like it wedges right into your ass. Now… Read More

  • Peter Ha's reign of bike terror has finally ended

    Well, folks, they caught him. Our own Peter Ha, aka Robert Stewart, was caught red-handed trying to have sex with a bicycle in Ayr, UK. Gail Davidson, prosecuting, told Ayr Sheriff Court: “They knocked on the door several times and there was no reply. “They used a master key to unlock the door and they then observed the accused wearing only a white t-shirt, naked from the waist… Read More