Beeper users say Apple is now blocking their Macs from using iMessage entirely

The Apple-versus-Beeper saga is not over yet it seems, even though the iMessage-on-Android Beeper Mini was removed from the Play Store last week. Now, Apple customers who used Beeper’s apps are

Beeper says it’s done trying to bring iMessage to Android after month-long ‘cat and mouse’ game with Apple

Beeper is giving up on its mission to bring iMessage to Android after implementing a series of fixes that Apple has knocked down one by one over the past month. Although the company has issued a compl

Beeper’s upcoming fix requires users to have access to a Mac

Beeper, the app that brings iMessage to Android users, is implementing a fix that it says will allow users to once again access the service after Apple blocked it. However, the fix requires you to hav

US lawmakers call for DOJ to investigate Apple for blocking Beeper’s iMessage app

Apple’s move to cut off Beeper, the app that brought iMessage to Android users, already caught the attention of U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren, who called out the tech giant for anticompetitive b

Apple again targets iMessage-on-Android app Beeper, but company claims it has a fix

A few days ago, the mobile app Beeper Mini went back into operation after an attempt by Apple to shut down its service that brings iMessage’s blue bubble texts to Android users. Now, Apple is ag

Beeper Mini is back in operation after Apple’s attempt to shut it down

Beeper Mini, the app bringing blue bubble iMessage texts to Android users, is back in operation on Monday after a long weekend that saw Apple putting an end to Beeper’s services, claiming it was

Senator Warren calls out Apple for shutting down Beeper’s ‘iMessage to Android’ solution

U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) is throwing her weight behind Beeper, the app that allowed Android users to message iPhone users via iMessage, until Apple shut it down. Warren, an advocate for

Beeper reverse-engineered iMessage to bring blue bubble texts to Android users

The push to bring iMessage to Android users today adds a new contender. A startup called Beeper, which had been working on a multi-platform messaging aggregator, is now launching a new app called Beep