BlackBerry Z10 Goes Head-To-Head With iPhone 5 On Video

When is a secret not a secret? When it’s featured in comparison videos ahead of an official product launch. The upcoming BlackBerry Z10 (which, if called something else or designed differently when it’s officially unveiled next week will actually blow everyone’s minds) is now starring in a video by German blog (via 9t05Mac), doing its business next to an iPhone 5. It provides a good look at how the two compare physically, but also how the two operating systems running each compare similar tasks.

Highlights include the voice control comparison, in which the German video narrator gives the same task to both devices at the same time. The iPhone 5 didn’t get it all right, he notes, while the Z10 nailed it. Other activities demoed include receiving incoming text messages, checking notifications, witching between active apps, killing an active app, a comparison of the Twitter app and more. The narrator seems to be firmly on the BlackBerry side, but we’ll reserve judgement until we get to actually play with the thing (which at the rate these leaks are happening could be after every other single person on the planet).

For more BB10 pre-release goodness, also be sure to check out BGR’s massive screenshot dump. The blog’s source also pegs pricing at under $199 on a two-year agreement for the flagship Z10 phone, which would be truly impressive, especially given pricing of recently launched BB7 handsets.