Technology trends changing the world as we look ahead

There’s an age old saying that humans tend to overestimate what can be accomplished in one day, but underestimate what can be accomplished in one year. As 2016 comes to a close, it is a good time to

Here’s What Happens When Geeks Who Like Path Get Overly Excited About Halloween

It's that time of year to be festive and spooky, carve up some pumpkins and get the candy ready for the neighborhood kids. One uber-geek Ashley Mayer, decided to take festivity to an all new level, ti

This Guy Really Wants To Work For Social Reward Platform Kiip. Is This The New Way To Land A Job?

I've seen plenty of interesting and unique "resume sites" where people are trying to get the attention of the companies that they really want to work for. Sometimes it's a Facebook ad, a video or some

Please Welcome Natasha Lomas And Darrell Etherington (And Drew Olanoff) To TechCrunch

Today, on behalf of the TechCrunch team, I’d like to welcome our two newest writers: Natasha Lomas and Darrell Etherington.

Three Words: Garbage… Pail… Kids

Yes, Garbage Pail Kids. In 7-foot wall form. If you thought yesterday’s Star Wars Fathead was expensive at $100, then you may balk at the thought of spending $150 on a larger-than-life Garbage Pail

Looks like someone can check ‘Own Super Mario Bros. Sweater’ off his bucket list

See the young man in the above photo? He’s older than you think. His wife made him that sweater. I don’t know his wife but I can tell you right now that any future argument the two of them have ca

Blast from the Past: Robotic tattoo machine running Palm OS [Update]

<img src="" alt="" />This is probably the oldest bit of news you’ll ever see get posted on CrunchGear, but I came across this today

Feet-on with the VholdR ContourHD

<img src="" alt="" />Here it is, action sport stars, some real POV footage taken with the <a href="

Man's arrest for Barrel Monster stunt exposes ridiculously high barrel pricing

<img src="" alt="Monster" />Have you ever driven down the highway when there's construction work going on and wondered who makes all the mon

Ultimate staircase features built-in slide

<img src="">Some people are dreamers while others are doers. London architect Alex Michaelis is a doer. He built his dream ho

Video: Camera rigged eagle shows us what it's like to fly

<img src="" alt="" />I'm too lazy to translate the page and the video is pretty self-explanatory. Watch and be amazed.

Ohio man drinks 15 beers, gets DUI for driving away on bar stool

<img src="">A man near Columbus, Ohio got charged with drunk driving after he crashed a lawnmower with a bar stool attached

Happy International Day Of Awesomeness

<img src="" />Rejoice! Today is <a href="">International Day Of Awesomeness</a>. It's time to celebrate just

Ponginator robot shoots ping pong balls at 170MPH, designed to ‘evoke dialogue’

<img src="">Vernon Graner of the Austin Robot Group has built a three-story-tall robot in the hopes of “evoking dialogue” and “finding ways to get p

Bike lock spews dye when would-be thieves try to snatch your ride

What we have here is a bike lock that has compressed air and colored dye running throughout the lock. When a would-be thief cuts through the lock, said thief along with the bike and everything within

Want: Repulsive electrostatic keychains

I totally know what I’m going to look for when I go to Korea later this month. Apparently these tiny keychains will keep you from getting zapped by static electricity. When said static electrici

Ketchum Bottoms: Who doesn't like a spanking once in a while?

H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S!!! Can anyone make out the site? JWT via ibelieveinadv

Robot planter walks around to stay in the light

I have no words. This is the greatest thing I have ever seen. I get pretty diffuse light in my apartment, so this wouldn’t really be necessary — plus, my place is the size of a postage sta

Remote-controlled hand gesture sign is seven gestures of electro-luminescent awesomeness

If this thing doesn’t make Time’s Best Inventions Of The Year list, I’m gonna burn this place to the ground. It’s right up there with the worms-to-ex-girlfriends pill from Brai

Video: Dark Knight and Toy Story 2 mashup

Some people have way too much time on their hands. via The Matt Hickey
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