This Guy Really Wants To Work For Social Reward Platform Kiip. Is This The New Way To Land A Job?

I’ve seen plenty of interesting and unique “resume sites” where people are trying to get the attention of the companies that they really want to work for. Sometimes it’s a Facebook ad, a video or something using the service itself, like a slideshow.

In the case of Ryan Lessard, he really wants to work for social reward company Kiip. He’s gone all out by posting a link to this site on AdWords that display for a Google search of “Kiip .” Genius. But what’s more genius is the site he created (, check it out:

Yes, this looks like a Kiip reward unit that pops up in a mobile app that uses the service’s SDK, complete with a video pitch. Amazing.

Is this the new way to land a job that you covet? This is becoming a trend and it’s only getting more intense and seriously targeted to the potential employers. I reached out to Kiip’s CEO Brian Wong for his thoughts on the maneuver by Ryan and here’s what he had to say:

It’s pretty awesome that someone can be this creative to catch our attention. Kiip is hiring and we’re always looking for great people. I think he raised the bar for everyone just a little bit.

It’s almost as if this type of thing skips the recruitment process completely, surfacing passionate people who care about the company itself. Will Ryan get the job? I’m sure he’s being considered just like Kiip considers all candidates, but this surely got his foot in the door in a major way.