Happy International Day Of Awesomeness

Jorge and Emma: awesome
Rejoice! Today is International Day Of Awesomeness. It’s time to celebrate just how awesome you are, and to recognize how awesome everyone else is!

It’s all too easy for us — all of us — to get jaded and tired of yet another cellphone, or just another crazy casemod. But remember, all of these things happen because of the inherent awesomeness inside each of us. That cellphone might not tickle your fancy, but it would never make it to the market without the awesomeness of the industrial designers, technical writers, copy editors, draftsmen, interns, quality assurance folks, human resources professionals, marketing experts, delivery drivers, and security guards.

That guy in his basement slaving away on his casemod is chock full of awesome just waiting to get out. Even if casemods aren’t your thing, take a moment to appreciate the awesomeness it took to think of and make the darned thing.

From all of us here at CrunchGear: be awesome today!