eMusic’s new owner TriPlay launches eStories, a new audiobook service

eMusic, the veteran digital music company that was acquired in 2015 by Israeli media startup TriPlay, is expanding its horizons. Today the company is launching eStories, an audiobook service that wil

Scribd Expands Its Subscription E-Book Service With 30K Audiobooks

It was just over a year ago that <a target="_blank" href="">Scribd</a> officially <a href="">unveiled a N

Amazon Tests ‘Kindle Unlimited,’ A Netflix For Ebooks And Audiobooks

Amazon might give readers something to get really excited about: A digital ebook and audiobook subscription service that provides Kindle users with all the content they can consume from a potential li

With New AudioEngine, Findaway World Plans To Power Audiobook Stores On Mobile And The Web

<a target="_blank" href="">Findaway World</a> was founded back in 2006 with the aim of selling MP3 players preloaded with audiobooks. (One of its more noteworthy customers: <a tar Drops Prices To Compete With Amazon’s Audible

<a target="_blank" href=""></a>, a one-year old subscription service that competes with Amazon's <a target="_blank" href=""></a

Even the real audiobook actors don't care about text-to-speech

<img src="">Wil Wheaton AKA the guy on Star Wars recorded himself reading from his own book and then recorded the Kindle 2 reading the

Finally! Zune now supports

After years of waiting and months of rumors, the Zune now supports Audible services via today’s 3.0 update. Audible is even offering up Dean Koontz “Black River” free for all Zune ow

Show us the tech in your car, win $200 in audiobooks from Simply Audiobooks

If you’re anything like me, you drive only rarely and consider a car a luxury, not a daily necessity. If you’re anything like the rest of the world, you live in your vehicle. The folks at

Amazon to add to its downloadables will reportedly purchase digital audiobook provider in the second quarter of this year for $300 million. Smart, smart, smart. The purchase will allow Amazon to offer up Audbile&

Next iPod or iPhone May Have Dynamic Lyrics Display

A recently published patent filed by Apple shows that the next iPod or iPhone may have a new way of displaying song lyrics. The patents shows that text displayed would be highlighted in some way, whet

Apple Says Don't Buy From iTMS, World In Shock

Call my title a tad-bit deceiving, but it is true. Apple is telling iPod owners not to buy audiobooks from the iTunes Music Store. The reason? A glitch in audiobooks being sold on iTMS is not letting